Monday Night — 10.07.02 — 16 Beaver in Vienna, 2003: Inscribing the Temporal

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Monday Night — 10.07.02 — 16 Beaver in Vienna, 2003: Inscribing the Temporal
[ Tonight !! Open Invite to Discuss / Participate in Vienna Project ]
1. About this Monday
2. About the exhibition: INSCRIBING THE TEMPORAL
3. About 16 Beaver’s Proposal-in-progress
1. About this Monday
When: 7PM
Where: 16Beaver Street 5th Floor
All are invited to participate in an open discussion and planning session
for 16 Beaver’s proposed contribution to the INSCRIBING THE TEMPORAL
exhibition, scheduled for Vienna in January 2003.
We hope to develop ideas for a number of collaborative projects –
media-based as well as social meetings/events – involving any interested
members of 16 Beaver’s extended community. The project will be shaped by
all participant’s contributions, so please feel welcome join the mix or just
to find out more.
(If you are interested in taking part but cannot attend tonight because of time or
location (i.e., you do not live in New York) please write to:
2. About the exhibition: Inscribing the Temporal
INSCRIBING THE TEMPORAL, curated by Sara Reisman for the Kunsthalle
Exnergasse, Vienna, focuses on the practices of three alternative
artistic/curatorial projects based in New York City: Barge?????, the
Brewster Project and 16 Beaver. The exhibition aims to provide a European
audience with access to some of the independent dialogues currently taking
place within the megalopolis that is the New York art-world, as well as
establishing a platform for emergent networks and exchanges.
Opening January 2003.
3. 16 Beaver’s Proposal-in-progress
Our proposal should be seen as a starting point, or indication of a process,
and is therefore completely open to shifting/transmuting under the influence
of an evolving collaborative community.
“16 Beaver is a New York collective that serves as a forum for a large
variety of social exchanges in which art and politics converge.
“Our contribution to this exhibition will consist of a series of on-site
social events, talks, presentations, meetings, meals, etc, on-line
collaborations between various groups within our network of
friends/contacts, (dialogues, publications, sharing of resources and
services, etc) and the production of several collaborative media projects
(radio, video, etc) for the occasion.
“The series will focus on the study and practice of strategies of resistance
among socially engaged cultural workers, groups, and organizations. Rather
than present something finished, the group will treat Kunsthalle Exnergasse
as a checkpoint for work already underway and as a catalyst for developing
new networks/exchanges.”