Monday Night — 10.21.02 –Meeting — Strategies of Resistance

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Monday Night — 10.21.02 –Meeting — Strategies of Resistance
Tonight !!
1. About this Monday
2. Working Proposal
3. Formats and Ideas
1. About this Monday
When: 7:30 pm
What: discussion about possibilities for Vienna
Who: Anyone interested
“Strategies of Resistance (:social engagement now)” is the loose title
of a work in progress. “16Beaver” has been invited to participate in
an exhibition in Vienna, at the Kunsthalle Exnergasse. Details were
sent a few weeks back, the original e-mail can also be found at:
(previous meeting)
Since 16Beaver is not a collective in the traditional sense of the term, it is open, porous, always a bit underconstruction, and changing with time. Closer to a network of people, closer to a platform for projects collective and individual. Better defined by several instead of one.
Given these conditions, those involved with this project thus far have been evaluating the many different possibilities of “participating”. The idea presented thus far is to basically to find a way of continuing or extending some of what has been taking place here for the last three years (online and off) in Vienna.
So we will be organizing a few Mondays this Fall to discuss different ideas people may have for organizing/developing some events, panels,? there. We would like to encourage participation from the larger network of friends and colleagues that are on our list and have participated in past projects, so please feel welcome to attend and be involved.
If you are not in NYC, or cannot attend, but still are interested in helping organize or participating, please write to:
(sign-up to be involved)
2. Working Proposal
Version 1:
“16 Beaver is a New York collective that serves as a forum for a large
variety of social exchanges in which art and politics converge.
“Our contribution to this exhibition will consist of a series of on-site
social events, talks, presentations, meetings, meals, etc, on-line
collaborations between various groups within our network of
friends/contacts, (dialogues, publications, sharing of resources and
services, etc) and the production of several collaborative media projects
(radio, video, etc) for the occasion.
“The series will focus on the study and practice of strategies of resistance
among socially engaged cultural workers, groups, and organizations. Rather
than present something finished, the group will treat Kunsthalle Exnergasse
as a checkpoint for work already underway and as a catalyst for developing
new networks/exchanges.”
3. Formats and Ideas
Strategies of Resistance:
Since our last proposal, we have been working mostly with fleshing out formats. So far the ideas and proposals people have suggested work within the following:
READINGS — With invited discussants?
MEDIA COLLECTION — Create some interface and forum for submission
of media based works that address the question of strategies of resistance.
ONLINE ACTIVITIES — A small collection of online activities that will address the theme.
SPECIFIC PROPOSALS we have thus far:
A selection of banned films/videos from different countries
Artist who has recently finished a book about collaboration will share some selections from the book and discuss the topic with a group of artists working collaboratively)
more TBA
New York Lunch & Vienna Dinner Event with live web-cast
Sound Event — Electronic Music & Social Engagement (performance)
more TBA
Electronic Music & Social Engagement (discussion with invited guests working with sound, radio, internet and audio)
[Online]QUESTIONAIRE to be sent out to as many
groups and people as possible about strategies of resistance
[Online]LINKS to other programs, people, projects who are involved with these
strategies of resistance or asking similar questions