Friday Night 03.28.03 –Journal of Aesthetics and Protest — Marc/Robbie Herbst

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Friday Night 03.28.03 –Journal of Aesthetics and Protest — Marc/Robbie Herbst
1. About this Friday
2. About J.A.P.
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1. About this Friday
when: Tuesday at 7:00 pm
where: 16 beaver street, 5th floor
who: all are welcome
We hope all of you can join us as we invite L.A. based Journal of Aesthetics and Protest Editors Marc and Robert Herbst. We asked them to formulate some of the questions they are interested in addressing, as always, it should be an interesting evening.
From R & M:
Q’s we are trying to raise.
What modes of art and political theory connect with the material conditions of corporate and military globalization?
What are the many responses to this mis-en-scene by media makers?
What are the critical dialogues that fuel creative protest and engagement with power?
How can critical thought prosper in reppressive times?
Q’s for the evening (I am not sure of what we are doing that night, but here’s what I am hoping to raise), What have been the structures which have supported,driven, and defined the conception of historical phases, and modes, of counter cultures? Would it be possible (or desirable) to name as a collectivity the modes of cultural production that are in opposition to corporate/military globalization?
What are the emerging structures that are supporting,driving, and defining these multiple contemporary practices? What do they look like?
2. About J.A.P
We are captivated by creative, critical, cultural, and conceptual engagements with manifestations of power. The Journal of Aesthetics and Protest explores the fertile areas between media production and politics. We feature the writing of activists, artists, journalists, policy advocates, and writers. Rather than asking “what can art do?”, we ask “what are the many ways that people are using media right now in sympathy with, or in opposition to, structures of power?” Ultimately we are working to locate contemporary modes of theory and practice in order to promote multiple democratic radical practices.
3. Link to J.A.P.