Monday Night — 05.03.04 — Discussion — Eva Diaz On Black Mountain

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Monday Night — 05.03.04 — Discussion — Eva Diaz On Black Mountain
1. About this Monday Night
2. About Eva Diaz
3. This Saturday at Alwan
4. Next Monday Jayce Salloum
1. About this Monday Night
What: Presentation/Discussion on Black Mountain College with Eva Diaz
When: 7:00pm, Monday May 3, 2004
Where: 16 Beaver St. 5th Floor (see directions below)
Who: All are invited
One of the ongoing threads that we have been interested in since our
discussions started in 1999 has been artist organized initiatives. We
have also been interested in exploring different models of exchange,
education, community and communication within artistic practice.
This week we are pleased to invite art historian and critic, Eva Diaz to
discuss her research on Black Mountain College. As many of you know BMC
was one of the more interesting educational experiments in the US.
“A remarkable number of artists and teachers from a wide variety of
fields passed through Black Mountain during the school’s 23 year
history. (ed. note – some of the people associated … John Cage,
Buckminster Fuller, Merce Cunningham, Jacob Lawrence, Robert Motherwell,
Robert Rauschenberg, Susan Weil, Cy Twombly, John Chamberlain, Josef
Albers, William and Elaine de Kooning) At its essence, Black Mountain
was an experiment in communal education. Boundaries between teacher and
student were redefined as were most of the precepts of traditional
western pedagogy….”
There is a more complete description of Eva’s presentation below, we
also hope that people who are interested in Black Mountain or have
experience or knowledge of other interesting social/educational
experiments will come this Monday to add to what should be a very
interesting discussion.
2. About Eva Diaz
Eva Diaz is a New York-based art historian and critic, and is preparing
her dissertation at Princeton University entitled “Chance and Design:
Experimental Art at Black Mountain College.” She will be presenting a
portion of her work on the College, focusing on rival methodologies of
experimental art as elaborated and practiced by three key Black Mountain
teachers in the late 1940s and early 1950s: Josef Albers, John Cage, and
Buckminster Fuller. The models of experiment they proposed– the
methodical testing of the appearance and construction of form in the
interest of designing new visual experiences (Albers), the organization
of aleatory processes and the anarchical acceptance of accident (Cage),
and “comprehensive, anticipatory design science” that propels,
teleologically, current limited understanding towards a finite totality
of universal experience (Fuller)– represent important incipient yet
directions of postwar art practice.
She works as the exhibition coordinator at the Whitney Independent Study
Program, advising the Curatorial Studies program, and she co-curated the
exhibition “Zero-G: When Gravity Becomes Form” at the Whitney Museum
Champion branch. Her art critical writing has appeared regularly in
Time Out New York and is forthcoming in Art in America.
Excellent online resource on Black Mountain:
The major print resources on Black Mountain:
Duberman, Martin. Black Mountain: An Exploration in Community. New
York: W.W. Norton, 1972 (institutional history).
Harris, Mary Emma. The Arts at Black Mountain College. Cambridge: MIT
Press, 1987 (exhibition catalogue).
Katz, Vincent and Martin Brody, eds. Black Mountain College: Experiment
in Art. Cambridge: MIT Press, 2003 (exhibition catalogue).
3. This Saturday at Alwan
This Saturday May 1 at 5:30pm, our neighbors Alwan, who share the 4th
floor space with us, have invited Ziba Mir-Hosseini to screen her video
‘Runaway’, her documentary about a group of young runaway girls who are
taken to a women’s shelter in Tehran-Iran
More info on our website:
4. Next Monday
We are pleased to invite Jayce Salloum to 16Beaver. More details about
the event will be forthcoming. We should note that Jayce will also be
screening works at Exit Art next Saturday.
More info on our website: