Continental Drift Seminar Info — Thur-Sun

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Thursday October 20
3:00 PM – Introduction by Brian Holmes
5:30 PM – Break for food
7:00 PM– Kolya Abramsky w/ Brian Holmes – “Disentangling the Future from the Past: Internationalism, World revolution and World War.” Read this paper beforehand – click here:guest presentation
Friday October 21
3:00 PM – Mackenzie Wark — guest presentation
Parallel Public Spheres of the American Right — presentation
5:30 PM – Break for food
7:00 PM — Maribelle & Sebastian — Research Riots (or when the Naked City really starts to cut loose)
9:30 PM– Dinner Event
Saturday October 22
1:00PM Zizek on Multitudes – reading discussion
2:00PM Rozalinda Borcila — presentation
3:00PM Peter Walsh/Marty Lucas — Public Art and Political resistance — presentation
4:00PM Richard Gabri / Rene Gabri — presentation
5:00PM Brian Holmes — Network Maps, Energy Diagrams — presentation
Sunday October 23
2:00PM Jim Costanzo — Data Map — presentation
3:00PM Claire Pentecost — Plastic Greenhouses by the Sea/BH: The Urbanization of Blindness — presentation
4:00PM Open Slot
5:00PM Brian Holmes — The Artistic Device (some more reflections on activism & art) — presentation
8:00PM Closing Debate Everyone