Monday Night – 05.29.06 – Discoteca Flaming Star + François Boué: Discoteca Guitarrera Funkstorm

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Monday Night – 05.29.06 – Discoteca Flaming Star + François Boué: Discoteca Guitarrera Funkstorm
1. About Monday Night
2. About Discoteca Flaming Star
3. About François Boué
4. About Discoteca Guitarrera Funkstorm, a performance by Discoteca Flaming Star and El Arroyo Los Cagaos, 12th June 2004, Viandar de la Vera, a village in Spain
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1. About Monday Night
What: screening / discussion
Where: 16 Beaver St., 4th Floor
When: Monday Night 05.29.2006 @ 7:30 Pm
Who: Open and Free To All
On Monday the 29th Cristina and Wolfgang will introduce the project. François will screen his films (8mm and Video). Matthew Lyons (curator at The Kitchen), who made the audio recording, will be present as well.
Hope you can make it.
2. About Discoteca Flaming Star
Cristina Gomez Barrio and Wolfgang Mayer have been working as the foundation of Discoteca Flaming Star, an interdisciplinary artistic and collaborative performance project since 1998. Discoteca Flaming Star aims to be a mental space that all kinds of artists can enter to experiment with different paths for contemporary aesthetic praxis, searching for its limits and avoiding processes of formalization.
We are irreverent, dissolute fans exploiting our own knowledge and lack of it, staging the desire to be on stage and showing off. We want to be optimistic, search with humor and tricks up our sleeve; try to be brave, and don’t want to be stopped. Inspired by Sanja Ivekovic, the Wiener Gruppe, Alvaro, Anita Berber, El Arroyo los Cagaos, Mahalchick, Mary Shelley, PFFR, Jack Smith, Patti Smith, Cheap Club, Kenneth Anger, Joey Arias, La Pachanga, Felix González-Torres, Karl Valentin und Lisl Karlstadt, we have named the outcome of what we do “hardcore karaoke”. Discoteca Flaming Star presents songs about love, consumption, fervor and feminism. Belly-dancing, tearjerkers, wonderfully bad songs and things that go together even though they shouldn’t.
The basic unit of our work is the song, understanding this as a personal response to political, social and historical events.
Through conceptual and musical transformations of/in/around the songs we try to create a visual and musical frame in which one of the main aims is to challenge the memory of the audience: moving it into unexpected collective and individual memory-territories. A memory for something in the future, for something that has not happened yet and maybe never will. Through the old that has not happened, the new is interrogated.
Wolfgang Mayer 1967 * Kempten / Germany. Lives in Berlin. > 1990 – 95 Academy of Fine Arts, Munich. 1996 – 97 DAAD-Scholarship for New York City. 1998 Debutant 98, Munich. 2005 Prinzregent Luitpold Scholarship, Munich. 2005 – 06 Whitney Independent Study Program, New York. 2006 – 07 Pollock-Krasner Foundation Grant.
Cristina Gomez Barrio 1973 * / Spain. Lives in Berlin. > 1997 – 02 PHD Program. Departamento de Historia del Arte. Bellas Artes. UCM. Madrid. 1998 – 99 DAAD-Caixa. Grant for Akademie d. Bildenden Kuenste. Munich. 2003 ISCP. New York (supported by INJUVE. Spain). 2005 – 06 Whitney Independent Study Program, New York (supported by Fundacion Marcelino Botin Grant, Spain)
3. About François Boué
François Boué has been showing installations in galleries and museums since 1981. He began showing films in 1999. His films have been exhibited at the Museum of Modern Art, New York; Kunstmuseum, Bern; Künstlerhaus, Stuttgart and the Museum für Moderne Kunst, Frankfurt among others. He lives and works in New York.
4. About Discoteca Guitarrera Funkstorm, a performance by Discoteca Flaming Star and El Arroyo Los Cagaos. 12th June 2004. Viandar de la Vera, a village in Spain.
In the summer of 2004 Discoteca Flaming Star organized a performance with the Spanish folkloric group Arroyo los Cagaos. This group investigates how the traditional music of local areas (in their case La Vera in Caceres) was instrumentalized during the Franco period in order to create a Spanish centralist identity. Since Discoteca Flaming Star is based in Berlin (folk music in post-Nazi-germany almost completely disappeared) we researched together the different traces of, and contemporary ways to relate to, this instrumentalization by fascist powers. The result was a 5-hour performance in the market place of a village of 300 inhabitants in the area. The event was filmed and documented by the filmmaker François Boué.
5. Links
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