Saturday 10.06.07 – What Matters – Discussion

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Saturday 10.06.07 – What Matters – Discussion
1. About this Saturday
2. About this Saturday (again)
3. About ‘what matters’ series
[please note: this event will take place on Saturday!]
1. About This Saturday
What: Discussion
When: Saturday 10.06.07
Where: We will meet at 16Beaver Street downstairs
(then we will walk to the park)
When: 4:00 pm
Who: Free and open to all
You are invited to attend an afternoon discussion with some artists, friends, and colleagues. The event can be seen as a kind of collective status report, through which we may access our own practices and activities in the face of multiple social, ecological, economic, and political crises. We hope to create a forum within which we may each offer a perspective on what we believe matters today, motivates our work, and how cultural practices can contribute to those concerns.
2. About this Saturday (again)
A: Why is this description so bloody hard to write?
B: I’m not sure, it should just be easy, straight forward, not something long, just direct, telling people what it’s about.
A: But that’s precisely it, I know what it is about, but when I begin to write it, it just ends up seeming long winded.
B: Well then be short about it.
A: As soon as a group of words come together, the delete button seems to overtake them.
B: Simply what are you trying to organize?
A: We would like to invite anyone who is interested, to join us for a something like a radio program, but there will be no broadcast and no hosts. It will involve a discussion which will revolve around a set of questions.
B: And what will be the questions.
A: The questions will be about what matters to us today. What are we asking ourselves today? How do we fit our work within the larger struggles we are involved in? How do we keep from normalizing the contemporary political circumstances, without falling into a kind of despondency, passivity, or cynicism?
3. About ‘what matters’ series
Over the course of the next year, we will be inviting a group of colleagues to
organize events around topics or issues which they believe to be important and
needing our attention/consideration. Although the format for each of the events will vary, the series is intended to present some of the concerns and questions which inform the work of artists and cultural practitioners today.