Saturday 11.21.09 – We Won! A Feminist Utopia – Malmoe Free University for Women

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Saturday 11.21.09 – We Won! A Feminist Utopia – Malmoe Free University for
1. About this Saturday
2. How do we do it?
3. About MFK
1. About this Saturday
What: Staging a feminist utopia – hands-on!
When: Saturday 11.21.09
Where: 16Beaver Street, 5th Floor
When: 11 am – 5 pm. You need to participate the whole time.
Who: Free and open to all feminists.
Limited participants – rsvp is necessary, please send us an email at:
info.mfk@gmail.com with your name and number at the latest November 19.
Malmoe Free University for Women (MFK) hereby cordially invites you to
take part in a collective staging of a feminist utopia! Let’s treat
ourselves to a temporary amnesia about the practical aspects of the here
and now and instead try to visualize an INTENSE ECSTATIC FUTURE together
We concentrate on the room we are occupying and within the surrounding
walls we imagine no longer being in opposition – no more defenses, no
longer the feeling of being two steps behind. We imagine the world as it
will be when we have won, the day after the revolution, when patriarchy,
capitalism, racism, sexism and their brothers have fallen, and a new world
rises from the ashes. We allow ourselves no compromises, going all the
way, to the extreme. And from that glorious point in the future we recount
our steps back to where we are today, mapping out our path to success.
PLEASE NOTE: This event will happen on the 5th floor (our original floor!)
rather than the 4th floor where our events are usually held.
2. How do we do it?
This will be a collective creative process were we will work with
practical exercises, lively discussions, personal reflection and writing.
Use of the body is obligatory, a hands-on, mapping of the future. If you
are not ready to get down and dirty – don’t bother knocking.
3. About Malmoe Free University for Women – MFK
Malmoe Free University for Women (MFK) is an ongoing art project initiated
in Sweden in 2006 by artists Lisa Nyberg and Johanna Gustavsson. The goal
of MFK is to create a place where art, politics and feminism are brought
together and combined, to enable space for creative, intellectual,
political dialogue and action. MFK activates alternative kinds of
knowledge production and distribution through activities such as
workshops, lectures and film screenings. Issues of art, feminism and
politics are discussed with a specific focus on how to counter dominant
power relations, gender structures and normative thinking. By combining
theory and practice MFK explores the meaning of collective action.