Monday Night 03.15.10 — Concerning the Political in the Moving Image

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Monday Night 03.15.10 — Concerning the Political in the Moving Image
1. About this Monday Night
2. Rules
3. Formats
1. About this Monday Night
What: Collectively Produced Screening
Where: 16 Beaver Street, 4th floor (directions below)
When: Monday Night 03.15.10 @ 7:00 PM
Who: Open To All
About 6 years ago, we organized a series of events around the title “Concerning the Political in Art.” This series culminated in an event at MASS MoCA which invited different artists to choose from the work of someone else, and present it, as an idea of an efficacious art. The question of both what constituted the political as well as effects, remained open and the choice of artistic interventions varied from cases to case.
For this event, we would like to revisit this question and specifically relate to the moving image, partially to connect to a recent series of screenings at the space, and partially to open our process of thought to chance and a collective decision making. So to return to some of the questions, we asked:
Can you imagine a cultural production that can be, is politically efficacious?
How would we begin to understand efficacy within a political/cultural framework?
Are the rules different? Should they be?
Can you give us an example of such a work, whether historical or current?
In choosing this work, how do you see it resonating today?
Today we rethink our question in relation to film and video as documents that can address the political in various ways.
We are not looking for a smooth show or a screening, we would rather like to see this event as a collective research process in sharing what we may know and have recently encountered, whether documentary or fiction or pieces of interesting footages in this regard.
The event should be speculative and hopefully interesting for all who take part.
2. Rules
Please bring a video, not of your own, but of another artist, film maker, that addresses the questions above.
We will decide together if we show the whole of the film/video or an excerpt depending on the combination of videos and ideas and of the collective desire at that moment.
3. Note on formats
Please bring work on NTSC PAL DVD format, NTSC VHS or alternately bring the device that can play your work, and the necessary connector cables to the video projector