Monday Night — 05.09.11 — Exporting the Occupation: Israel's Pacification Industry — Jimmy Johnson

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Monday Night — 05.09.11 — Exporting the Occupation: Israel’s
Pacification Industry — Jimmy Johnson
1. Intro to Monday Night
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3. About Jimmy Johnson
1. Intro to Monday Night
When: 7.15pm, Monday 05.09.11
Who: Free and open to all
Where: 16 Beaver Street 4th floor
What: Presentations / Discussion
As some of you may remember, a few years ago, Jimmy came to the space and
presented some of the research developed with the Israeli Coalition
Against Housing Demolitions.
This week, we invite him back to talk about his latest efforts at bringing
to the fore critical issues for understanding the Occupation and its
implications regionally and beyond.
He writes:
The “Pacification Industry” refers to the transfer of techniques and
technologies of population control from one stratified power system to
another. Israel’s systems of population surveillance and control and its
pacification campaigns in Lebanon and Palestine have given it decades of
experience in areas recently prioritized – most notably surveillance,
urban warfare and counterinsurgency – by Global North military planners.
Both the political and military aspects of the Global War on Terror and
Clash of Civilizations make great use of Israeli experience gained in the
dispossession of the Palestinian people and in its decades of military
occupation in Lebanon and the Occupied Palestinian Territory. Technologies
and training developed from this experience are now exported throughout
the world and deployed in the preservation or extension of current power
This evening’s presentation will explore Israel’s Pacification Industry
and how it exports to a global market in ‘inequality management’,
including to the US, and for US wars abroad. The presentation is the fruit
of 7 years of ongoing research.
We are happy to present this event with Adallah-NY.
2. Related Links
For background reading here are a couple of articles that cover some
basics about the Pacification Industry.
Unmanned Aerial Vehicles and the Warfare of Inequality Management:
The Palestine-Mexico Border:
The World Cup, the Olympics, and the Occupation:
This is the project recently launched by Jimmy Johnson, Neged Neshek
(Hebrew for ‘Against Arms’
I offer data, analysis and news about Israeli arms and homeland security
exports and militarism.
Facebook page:
3. About Jimmy Johnson
Jimmy Johnson is the founder of Neged Neshek (Hebrew for ‘Against Arms’),
a project documenting the Israeli arms industry. He is former
International Coordinator of the Israeli Committee Against House
Demolition in Jerusalem. His writings and photography have appeared in
Against the Current, Counter Punch, El Pais, Electronic Intifada, Haaretz,
Ma’ariv, News From Within, and elsewhere. He is a tap dance enthusiast,
proud uncle, and lives in Detroit with his books and dry-erase boards.