Taksim Commune — Gezi Park and the Uprising in Turkey — Screening / Discussion

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Friday Evening — 08.16.13 — Taksim Commune — Gezi Park and the Uprising in Turkey — Screening / Discussion

0. About Friday Evening
1. About the Film
2. About Global Uprisings

0. About Friday Evening

What: Screening / Discussion
When: 7pm (Friday, August 16)
Where: 16 Beaver Street, 4th Floor
Who: Free and open to all

The struggles in Turkey and Brazil this summer have been critical nodes in the series of global uprisings sparked in Tunisia in December of 2010 and rippling throughout North Africa, the Middle East, Southern Europe, the Americas and beyond.

We are fortunate to have two friends of the space, Brandon Jourdan and Marianne Maeckelbergh, traveling through New York and able to join us to discuss and screen their latest film on the ongoing uprising in Turkey. They will share their stories about the emergence and eviction of the Gezi park and Taksim square protests in Istanbul.

We would like to invite others who are interested in or familiar with the struggles unfolding in Turkey to join us for the screening and the discussion which will follow.

1. About the Film

In the latest documentary in their Global Uprisings series, Brandon Jourdan and Marianne Maeckelbergh tell the story of the occupation of Gezi Park, its violent eviction, and the mass uprising it sparked.

Since the end of May 2013, political unrest has swept across Turkey. In Istanbul, a large part of the central Beyo?lu district became a battle zone for three consecutive weeks with conflicts continuing afterward. So far five people have died and thousands have been injured.

The protests were initially aimed at rescuing Istanbul’s Gezi Park from being demolished as part of a large scale urban renewal project. The police used extreme force during a series of police attacks that began on May 28th 2013 and which came to a dramatic head in the early morning hours of Friday May 31st when police attacked protesters sleeping in the park.

Over the course of a few days, the police attacks grew to shocking proportions. As the images of the heavy-handed policing spread across the world, the protests quickly transformed into a popular uprising against the Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan and his style of authoritarian rule.

This short documentary tells the story of the occupation of Gezi Park, the eviction on July 15, 2013, and the protests that have continued in the aftermath. It includes interviews with many participants and never before seen footage.


2. About Global Uprisings

Global Uprisings is an independent news site and video series dedicated to showing responses to the economic crisis and the crisis of legitimacy facing governance at this historical juncture.

Brandon Jourdan and Marianne Maeckelbergh have been researching and making short films about the recent wave of uprisings that have spread across the globe. Their short films and articles detail social movements in Turkey, Portugal, Spain, Greece, the UK, the US, and Egypt. These films and articles cover the riots, demonstrations and occupations in the UK, large-scale housing occupations and demonstrations in Spain, massive and continuous general strikes, and self-reduction campaigns in Greece, the ongoing revolution in Egypt, the occupy movements within the United States, the wave of strikes occurring in Portugal, and the recent country-wide revolt against Prime Minister Erdogan in Turkey.

For those who cannot attend the video can be seen here:

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