Discussion of Anitra Nelson’s Life without Money — Common(s) Course — Week 4

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Monday — 10.07.13 — Discussion of Anitra Nelson’s Life without Money — Week 4

1. About Monday
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1. About Monday

What: A Common(s) Course
When: 5:15 – 7:15pm Monday October 7
Where: 16 Beaver Street, 4th Floor
Who: Free and open to all

Last week, we opened up the discussion around one practical proposal and experience of withdrawing from the community of money. One that we can potentially also experience together. The second half of the meeting was devoted to opening up our thinking around the common(s), Silvia outlining its basis in everyday reproduction of life and George emphasizing its incommensurability with capitalism.

We did not however get to explore the readings or give time for thinking about how this process of inquiry may diverge from processes we have been habituated to or accepted as convention for a collective inquiry.

We hope to devote this week’s meeting to discuss the writings of Anitra Nelson which are posted on the site for the course. And we hope to discuss collectively how we can imagine this inquiry not only as a space of sharing knowledge, but also for building a power to explore and develop practices of commoning.

Please note that we will continue to post audio and readings from the sessions on the web page dedicated to the course:

Readings for this Monday below!
2. Related Texts

Anitra Nelson, “Money Versus Socialism” in Life Without Money (2011), pp. 23-46*

Anitra Nelson, “Interview on Non-market Socialism: Life Without Money”