Wednesday — 09.24.14 — Report-Back and Collective Coordinating Meeting to Articulate ‘Ways Forward’ — after the March Mobilization / Convergence / #FWS / Beyond

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Wednesday — 09.24.14 — Report-Back and Collective Coordinating Meeting to Articulate ‘Ways Forward’ — after the March Mobilization / Convergence /
#FWS / Beyond


0. About Wednesday
1. After the March, and Invited Guests

0. About Wednesday

What: Report-Back and Ways Forward / Coordinating
When: Wednesday, September 24th, 7:30 p.m.
Where: 16 Beaver Street, NY, NY
Who: Free and Open to all

Part One of tonight’s meeting will be a discussion round as a ‘report back’ from the events of the march mobilization this weekend, and to articulate ‘ways forward': What sort of actions and processes do we want to see in the future?

Tonight’s meeting is designed as a coordination meeting to articulate connections between different housing activist initiatives in the city and to organize a specific planning schedule for potential transversal direct action mobilization in the coming weeks.

As Oscar Olivera stated powerfully in El Jardin del Paraiso this weekend, reclaiming territory and envisioning all of the ways territories can be activated — as generative spaces of autonomy and community and empowerment, and particularly to overcome our fear and separation in the face of capitalism — is a beautiful way to see how struggles for housing, climate justice, food sovereignty, and community resilience practices converge. Tonight we hope to offer further prefigurations and engage in a direct, practical conversation to articulate ways forward in the domain of housing struggles in the city.


1. ‘Food Sovereignty’ Component, and Invited Guests

As part of the discussion tonight — and as a way of embodying the transformation in social relations that will provide us with modes of continuing the activism from the mobilization — we also will be joined by guests who will be speaking about community and collective resilience through practices of ‘food sovereignty’.

Umang Kumar, a Cambridge-based activist will join us to present footage and perspectives from a food sovereignty tour of Venezuela, where dual-power ideas inform the integration of housing projects, urban farms, and the university. He will examine Venezuela’s attempts at food sovereignty from the ideological point of view, not trying to present a story of spectacular success but one of humble beginnings.

We hope to see guests from Spanish PAH, Picture the Homeless, and the New York City

Gardens coalition in attendance for the discussion. Thanks and hope to see you.


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16 Beaver Street, 4th fl.
New York, NY 10004

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