Society of the Friends of the Virus Volume 3 / Sunday Testing Assembling

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0. Short Note
1. Society of the Friends of the Virus Vol. 3
2. About Sunday
3. Additional Links

0. Short Note

We write this short note hoping the best for all on the receiving end of this email.

We write to share with you the third volume of the Society of the Friends of the Virus which gathers together some writings over the last weeks from some friends of the space.

And we write to invite you this Sunday (tomorrow) to a day of meetings and conversations organized online with friends from different contexts of thought and situations of struggle.
For those interested in taking part in the meeting, please write to:

mai [the at sign] 16beavergroup.org

You will find further details below.

1. Society of the Friends of the Virus

“This text has not been written in a designated ‘work-place’.
Many of us will not read this at a designated ‘work-place’.
But wherever we read this, is the de-facto place of work, or potentially strike.”

Volume 3

Volume 3 Supplement – Perspectives

2. About Sunday

What: Testing Assembling
When: Sunday, May 3rd, begins 11:00 a.m.
Where: Online
Who: All are invited, please write to mai (at) 16beavergroup.org

In the spirit of our worlds-already-in-contact, we would like to invite you to an experiment in assembling, a gathering, an anchoring, an encounter of/with friends – old, new and yet to come.
We are hoping to be able to continue to think and experiment together through the complexities and potencies of this moment we are living.

A group of friends involved in the space thought it could be interesting/felt it necessary/ to give ourselves the opportunity of formulating some points, questions, ideas, notes, reflections that require careful consideration in this moment. These can be based on and relate to our lived experiences, things we have been studying, things which this moment and the virus make more clear.

As way of initiating this process, we have invited some guests to share some of their points for consideration this Sunday, May 3rd, in a meeting online.

We would like to invite you to attend this meeting and also, even if you cannot attend, to formulate your points for consideration and send them to us. We hope to gather all of them and try to create a document for sharing.

The meeting will probably go on for a good part of the day on Sunday May 3rd. It will start at 11am (NYC time) and continue in three or so blocks of approximately two hours each, separated by one hour breaks.

The day will look something like 11-12, 12-2, 3-5, 6-8. But we will send a final schedule with contributors in the morning tomorrow with instructions for connecting.

We have to add that we have had to overcome a certain reluctance to calling for a meeting online, in a moment in which the abstraction and the extraction not to mention the surveillance that the internet entails is rampantly growing.

We will do our best to make the meeting meaningful and find some ways to counteract the disembodiment, the productivism, and the bureaucratic generalization that many online platforms seem to have embedded in their own design and way of functioning.

Based on the number of people taking part we will choose the appropriate platform and send details.

3. Additional Links

We also include here below some links sent from friends who some on the list may have met at the space.
These are three different acoustic contributions to these times.