Sunday — 05.17.20 — Testing Assembling Third Edition

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0. Short Notes
1. Testing Assembling Third Edition (This Sunday)
2. Testing Assembling First Edition (Videos)
3. Society of the Friends of the Virus (Videos)

0. Short Note

We hope this note finds everyone well.

Below, we share with you the invite to the third attempt to assemble online, which will take place tomorrow at 11am and finish at 2pm.
Please write to mai [at] 16beavergroup.org if you are interested to take part.

We also share below a link to a film contribution toward the upcoming 4th volume of PERSPECTIVES, the supplement for the Society of the Friends …

1. Testing Assembling Third Edition

What: Testing Assembling
When: Sunday, May 17th, begins 11:00 a.m. – 2p.m. (New York Time)
Where: Online
Who: please write to mai [at] 16beavergroup.org (to receive further details)

This Sunday, we would like to invite you to the third edition of Testing Assembling. We have been using this time of gathering to try and invite friends from different contexts, experiences and struggles to try to share some questions/points they believe to be necessary or
critical to consider.

Like last week, if you are interested to take part, we ask you to please write to:
mai [at] 16beavergroup.org

Our schedule will be between 11am-2pm New York Time.

We feel it important to say that according to reports we have read, over the last two months, in New York City alone, more than 24,000 people have lost their lives above what would be expected from prior years. We can normalize these deaths as victims of a natural phenomenon called a virus, or we can begin to build up collectively a sense of the gravity of this moment to better understand the politics/shifts it asks of us.

As the Society of the Friends of the Virus texts have attempted to find a way of exploring potential horizons of the struggles implicated by these experiences, attempting also to not isolate them, these conversations are an attempt to build up in a more dialogical manner other potential lines of thought and to resist the coming normalization.

Clearly, our objective is not to accept further state or corporate control and surveillance over our lives. So, as we wrote last week, what shape this “new normal” takes requires in every way serious conversations within our various communities of struggle to understand what it is we are struggling for and how it is that we may allow these experiences to alter, inform and intensify our distancing measures from such control/dependency.

2. Testing Assembling First Edition

We have posted the videos from the first edition, for those of you who missed them.


3. Society of the Friends of the Virus

We share below a link to a film contribution to the forthcoming PERSPECTIVES the supplement to Vol. 4 of the Society of the Friends of the Virus.

Contagious New York
Part 1 Thus _________ the Virus
Part 2 Exit Plans
Part 3 E- for Eviction
Part 4 Against the Society of Garbage

To view please visit:

For previous editions of PERSPECTIVES:

Supplement to Vol 2

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To contact directly the Society of the Friends …, you can write to letters [at] centreparrhesia.org