Saturday — 06.27.20 — Testing Assembling Ninth Edition

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0. Short Note
1. Saturday’s Assembling

0. Short Note

We send this invitation to the ninth testing of assembling.

Please note, we are meeting on SATURDAY this week. We will start at 11 AM New York Time.

Please write to mai [at] 16beavergroup.org if you are interested to take part.

1. Saturday’s Assembling

Loosely quoting from our notes from one the recent assemblings, Manolo said:

“Questions are central convivial tools, …so what are the questions we should be be asking today …
There are questions about strategy, like … what are the new relations of force we are seeing?
But those questions are also troubling because they can easily fall into the trap of trying
to run in front of the movement, try to narrate the movement, we see a lot of people doing that,
we see capital trying to mediate and manage, we see a lot of non-profit industrial complex
try to run in front of and mediate and be in the right meeting and get their message out
and doing all their strategic messaging, so we should also trouble those kinds of questions
but at the same time, we need to ask ourselves, what are the questions we should engage?
which can help us map out the terrains of struggle we are engaged in …
what is exciting for us are these spaces, which try to engage this moment
and develop together the terms, questions, terrains of our struggles, our movements…”

Clearly, the virus opens up a set of questions/fissures that cannot be reducible to one field or plane or domain of struggle, and as the movements continue to mutate, so we try to trace together some of the questions.

Whether you are right now forced to self-isolate as a result of pre-existing conditions which make life ever more the terrain of speculation, extraction, precarization, capitalization, or you are occupying city hall confronting the racist/classist/hetero-sexist violence of police/state/prison/justice as injustice in new york or part of an island community like Barbados facing the reality that in 50 years, it may be underwater, or in an apartment in Hong Kong witnessing the attempts to consolidate and create further conditions for a police state, … we will meet 11AM, this SATURDAY June 27, 2020, to think how these different scales and domains of violence toward life on a planetary scale can be considered together.

If you are interested to join, please write to mai [at] 16beavergroup.org if you are interested to take part. We will be sending details in the morning.