Sunday — 07.26.20 — Testing Assembling Thirteenth Edition

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0. Sunday’s Assembling
1. Short Description

0. Sunday’s Assembling

For those interested to join us this week, once again we will be meeting at 10AM (NY) to accommodate those wanting to join other assemblings on the street.

Please write to mai [at] 16beavergroup.org to receive further instructions.

1. Short Description

In the middle of a pandemic that continues to encircle the globe, we enter a new phase where various governments experiment further with necropolitics as well as explicit forms of fascism and authoritarianism under the cover of the virus.

Here in the US, the liberal approach at virus-containment and rage-management is through technocratic measures and what locked up residents in Wuhan called out to state officials from their balconies as ‘formalism!’ (or even what David Harvey discussed in one of our assemblings as an inevitable attempt at bourgeois moralism/reformism).

Then there is the more openly racist, hetero-sexist, fascist approach which has certainly been intensifying over the last years (if not decades). And currently even the longstanding militarization of police is being increasingly supplemented with mobilization of federal forces using legal measures and mandates which we analyzed and resisted with many friends in the years following September 11, 2001.

Hard to imagine that two decades have passed for those planters’ efforts to bear their full fascist fruits/tendencies. Already during the Occupation movements in 2011, the department of homeland security and other federal authorities were used to plan and coordinate with local forces surveillance and removal of the encampments (Portland among them). But currently these methods are purportedly being employed without coordination or invitation from local ‘officials.’

And as they seek to realize the true scope of ‘heimat security’; that is, to surveil/contain dissent and revolt internally, then the shooting at protestors and targeting/intimidating black and brown communities in the name of stopping crime or averting street violence appears more explicitly as the counter-insurgent apparatus that it was groomed to be.

And since the two wars on Iraq and Afghanistan, careful observers have already noted (if it was not evident before) that the spectacle of war is not separable from the execution of the war. But the streets continue to ask ‘what do we want?’ answering ‘justice’. But as these calls for ‘justice’ go unheard (the impairment and negligence is structural – as our friends in the Society have written) we open up to the second question, ‘if we don’t get it?’ and its evidently more tactile response ‘shut it down.’ (even if no one can predict – as is the case with justice – exactly what that will require or entail)

No matter the party or institutional proclamations in support of Black Life (and this is true globally); it is evident that all of those same institutional forces are intent to maintain the (anti)social infrastructures of white supremacy (and its colonial and capitalist underpinnings).

This week we assemble to consider their opposite, that is the rethinking and reclaiming what some of our comrades have referred to as the social infrastructures of community.

We will begin at 10AM New York Time, please write to mai [at] 16beavergroup.org to receive instructions on joining.