Saturday — 08.22.20 — Seventeenth Testing Assembling

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1. Sunday’s Assembling
2. Society of the Friends of the Virus (Volume 4)
3. Videos from Previous Assemblings

1. Saturday’s Assembling

This week will be assembling on Saturday at 11:15AM. For those who are interested in joining please write to:
mai [at] 16beavergroup.org

This week will be meeting at 11:15AM.

We will continue our gathering and drawing the lines of our imaginary map of questions, elaborations, thoughts, inventions, elements that nourish our coming together as a group, not us as individual speakers uttering what confirms and echos a self, but rather an attempt each time to weave what some friends called a collective assemblage of enunciation or what some comrades in the assembly described as moving towards -a not yet named – the in-common care taking and practicing the Milpa, the seeds, the corn, the earth, the air, the words, the songs and so forth. We can look back into the future of a present moment, of what we have experienced, thought together so far, and the speech that comes to illuminate those images we dream of without sleeping. We are awake waiting thinking feeling this current moment. We look forward to drawing this map of the singularities that traverse us together.

2. Society of the Friends of the Virus Volume 4


3. Videos from Previous Assemblings


Please note that we have been able to upload a few new videos.

Testing Assembling – Movement 19,1 – Ruth Wilson Gilmore and Craig Gilmore with Sherry Millner and Ernie Larsen
Testing Assembling – Movement 19,2 – On Police/Prison Abolition, the Movement for Black Life, the Struggles to Come – Postscript to Ruth and Craig’s Intervention
August 2, 2020

Testing Assembling – Movement 21,2 – Olga Kopenkina on Belarus
August 16th, 2020