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The only way that our government can be aware of the base of support against the recent actions of the Homeland Security Cultural Bureau is by making our voices heard. Please add your name to this list and forward it to friends who believe in what this stands for. This list will be forwarded to the Office of Homeland Security, the Attorney General's Office, and to the President of the United States.

Please keep this petition rolling. This is being forwarded to several people at once- don't worry about duplicates. It won't matter if many people receive the same list as the names are being managed. If you sign, please forward on to others. If not, please don't kill it--send it to the email address listed here:

NOTE: If you happen to be the 150th, 200th, 250th, etc, signer of this petition, please forward a copy to: This way we can keep track of the lists and organize them.

Thank you!


To Tom Ridge, John Ashcroft, and Carolyn Parker Mayes;

We demand a curtailment of the harrasment and outright closure of cultural venues that offer opinions critical of US government policies on the War Against Terrorism. The unfortunate side effect of this "war" is the severe curtailment of our civil liberties and consititutional rights, among these, freedom of speech. The so-called "temporary" closures by the Office of Homeland Security Cultural Bureau (HSCB) of cultural spaces and events are irresponsible, unlawful, and must be stopped immediately.

The Attorney General's office is taking steps to tighten restrictions on foreign funding for US culture. International arts organizations are being targeted for new, stringent legislation which would severly limit the amount of funds that would be available to promote and produce culture in the US. Many US exhibition spaces and venues receive funding from international sources, and would be irreparably harmed by the loss of consistent support that these organizations provide. We ask that the HSCB and Attorney General Ashcroft cease to pursue these legislative initiatives.

The enormous responsibility of securing our democracy is in the hands of cultural producers.  The arts are of vital importance in times such as these, providing a myriad of voices and opinions as an alternative to what is available through mainstream media. Therefore, we submit this petition in protest against the actions of the HSCB, and demand that you restore full, constitutional, rights to the cultural venues which you have shut down.


251) Gary Conner NY 10021
252) Paula Conner NY 10021
253) Barbara Blumfield, NY 11205
254) Kenneth Swiff, WI 53703
255) Carlo Hanker, WI 53703
266) Caroline Hall Reichelfer, WI 53703
267) Julian Ehrenrich, IL 60202
268) Joe Ehrenrich, CA 90036
269) Robert Hessan, MA 02118
270) Bertha Klein, CA 90272
271) Jack Waleshka, CA 90272
272) Martine Rubin, CA 90272
273) Gloria Salter, CA 94114
274) Deb Gallina, CA 92691
275) Harold Rather, CA 92708
276) Brad Millet, CA 92618
277) Dyan Hobday-Brant, CA 92780
278) Gerry Marbelle, CA 91007
279) Donald Clood, CA 91750
280) Mirella Swayze, CA 95815
281) Rachel East, CA 95815
282) J. Alan Olsen, CA 95688
283) Dianna Tran, CA 95688
284) Murray Friedkin, CA 94585
285) Carolyn Childs, CA 95688
286) Aime Minette, LA 70506
287) Mary Acker, FL 33426
288) Marie L. Stark, FL 34491
289)Donald Stark, MI 49006
290) Lindsey Stark, NY 14469
291) Judy Ellision, NY 14469
292) Linda Chafee, FL 32308
293) Katherine Burkson, FL 32344
294) Jane Brody, NY
295) Christa Lockhart, NY
296). Daniella F. Antonio, FL 33431
297). Ramsay Naryan, FL 33435
298). David Bolinger, FL 33445
299). Steve Newholm, CA 90069
300) Steven Bianto, CA 90069
301) Tranto Hillory, CA 91504
302) Bill Hillory, CA 91202
303) Bill Schlamm CA 91011
304) Tomas Enwin, CA 91214
305) Dahlia Enwin,CA 91214
306) Laure Holgren CA 95066
307) Christiana Storesh CA 95062
308) Nancy Taralia, CA 95062
309) Rana Edwards CA 94114
310) Ellen Verace, CA 90069
311) Bernard Epstine Ca 90212
312) Ella Lazarus,  93551
313) Olan Wrigley, Ca 90066
314) Mark Greene, Ca 90066
315) Rob Schultz, Ca 90066
316) Linda Rapruszanski OR 97055
317) Mark Carolle, CA 94121
318) Sarah Newsome, VA 22201
319) David Newsome, VA 22201
320) Ruthanne Wagner,  DC 20008
321) Susan Girardi, PA 19403
322) Carolyn Motley-Brown, WA 98101
323) Chris Talmadge, CA 94117
324) Susan Cusin, AK 99504
325) Linda Butler, CA 95821
326) Chan Butler, CA 95821
327) Caspar Buntler, NC 27607
328) Ken Rentrim, CA 95372
329> Patty Rowell, CA 95372
330> Greg Farmer, CA 95379
331) Carter Kincaid, NY. 10002
332) William Colman, N.J.  07803
333) Pedro Escobal, N.J. 07803
334)  Rick Stirling NYC 10009
335)Laura Hartman NYC 10003
336) Louisa Chin NYC 10003
337) Maggie Morten NY 11201
338) Greg James NY 10014

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