Reading Group 09.16.02 -- RadioActive Series -- the Cultural Bureau and
its Discontents

1. About this Monday
2. About RadioActive Series


1. About this Monday

Monday September 16, 2002

When: 7pm
Where: 16 Beaver Street, 5th Floor

Open to All

As you know the focus of our original RadioActive Program
has experienced some static.

The modulations of frequency have only expanded our initial
questions, not limited them.

Among the topics we were originally interested in exploring,
(including the disintegration of civil liberties within the post 9-11
context of the"War on Terror" and "Homeland Security").
we have been directed to highlight some of the more subtle questions
which have been implicit in the project.

Within this context of a "security without end".  Where do cultural
workers and organizations reside?  Is there any struggle necessary?
Where and how are the struggles to be waged?  How can alliances
be set up to encourage collaboration?

What strategies should or should not be used in these struggles?


Within the context of the creation of a Cultural Bureau of Homeland
Security, there is a question about what would such a Bureau like
this do.  Why does it exist?  What are the real threats of censorship?
Are they really from without or from within the cultural field?

Furthermore, how can such intersections between cultural freedoms be
linked to other contexts struggles like the crisis with detainees being
held in jails throughout this country, like the expansion of the
prison industry, like the misdirected "war on terror" which purports
to secure our interests, but does so in a manner and strategy that
speaks of far more troubling agendas?

The war is not waiting to happen against Iraq, it is already being
waged, and it is an endless one, resembling as Agamben has alluded
to, a civil war, a endless police action.  What creative strategies
can be utilized to foster a resistence that is also as endless?


There is a ton of updated information on our site.  As you can imagine.
We have been busy trying to get it all ready.  You can add links to the
ones we have already posted.

Thanks and look forward to your visit to 16Beaver and the website.

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2. About RadioActive Series

Among the lineups planned for this Fall, the RadioActive
series will continue and add questions which emerge and relate
to the discussion outlined above and in the RadioActive August
19th recording/discussion with Jim, Mubasher, Helen, Tanya, John
Peter, Rene and Ayreen.

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