Preliminary Project Description

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16Beaver September Events at CAC:

Artistalk at CAC with all participating artists, then a live set by Andrius. (link forthcoming)

Screening of August at the CAC

Artist presentations at the CAC (including Beatriz Santiago + 2 Vilnius based artists)

Lunchtime Summit at the CAC!
Lunchtime Summit in 16+ Cities

Reading from Agamben's Homo Sacer

Video Screening + discussion with Ayreen Anastas & Rene Gabri

Tuesday Night (Vilnius) – 10.07.03 – Pasolini's Salò, or the 120 Days of Sodom -- 10.06

Fri.Sat.Sun. Kind Teams & Team Kinds
Screenings + Discussions + Activities related to Collaboration


09.06.03 : Arrival in Vilnius (Rene)
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Phase I: Begin getting a feel for the city by walking a few hours each day. Find out more about the artists involved in the 24/7 exhibition both arriving for the opening and from Vilnius.

09.12.03 : Opening of 24/7 exhibition

09.13.03 : Artistalk (organized as a part of 16Beaver's participation in 24/7) at the CAC -- all the artists in the exhibition who were in Vilnius were invited to discuss an idea or question that is currently present in their work. A dvd will be made from all the responses and be placed at the 16Beaver platform for visitors to view.

09.14.03: Dinner at Matthieu Laurette's apartment at the French Cultural Center. Micci of M&M projects makes a wonderful pasta dinner and well, it is a chance for some to say goodbye, as many of the artists invited to the show are leaving.

09.15.03: Meeting with a few artists here in Vilnius and trying to plot a course for upcoming activities + finding some video works to bring back to New York for a set of screenings at 16Beaver or elsewhere.

09.16.03: Hmm, what did I do? Meeting with Sigitas and Stephanie, back at CAC, planning Lunchtime Summit for 26th and Friday screening for Avi Mograbi's August. Trips through memory lanes and hyper-reality Vilnius style with Darius, Raimundas, and Stephanie. We eat Armenian food, tastey, feeds 4, $10 each with drinks.

09.17.03: All day sending & receiving emails + walk with Raimundas in the evening. Meeting with Mic from, planning for how to include some of the people in the punk scene. We will meet again on Sunday.

09.18.03: All day sending & receiving emails + walk with Raimundas in the evening, this time I decided to record a portion of his narration of the city, it could be interesting to listen to while walking in another city or even here in Vilnius. Then met Darius at the

09.19.03: Emails in the morning and then a visit to the central market of the city. Then recruited a young saxophonist to play on Friday. At 6:30 a screening of Avi's film "August". Met an interesting cultural theorist / poet and hope to continue some correspondence with him over my stay here. Responses to the film were generally positive, but people are a bit shy to speak here, so this will be an interesting challenge. Jonas jions us for a few stops. Evening activities included coordinating for music with Gintas K, and a few visits to nighttime spots of Wilno.

09.20.03: Met with Arturas Raila and Alma Skersyte to discuss possible activities here together. Then met with Raimundas and walked some more, discussed possible options for lunchtime event. Met a street musician who we invited to the Lunchtime Summit. Also visited a Georgian restuarant called "Tamada" (toastmaster) for possible contestant for toastmaking championship. Also met with Andrius to discuss who might be someone who can mix some of the sounds we hope to have at the lunchtime event. Then of course emails. Worked with Virga on the growing mailing list for Vilnius. And also discussing the Tuesday artist presentations.

09.26.03: Planning for this Lunchtime Summit has been intense, but today is the day, all systems are ready, but will our chefs make it, and will the be ready for what we have in store for them. Will the music be recorded well, will we have paper to make signs. And who will make these amazing toasts we are waiting for? In a day, all of these questions will seem silly and the brevity of the day will prove that it was the process of all of this, the interactions, and the links with all the other cities that will really be of interest or worth remembering.


For the duration of the 24/7 exhibition, the 16 Beaver Group has been invited to organize events, discussions, screenings, and activities at the Contemporary Art Centre (CAC) in Vilnius, Lithuania.  

16Beaver is the point of many departures/arrivals. One of these departure points is to create a network and a public of individuals who seek  an open and free discursive space, a place both physical and virtual to discuss, critique and analyze the intersections between culture and politics.  

We have found in the CAC, a willing partner who will work with us, within the context of the 24/7 exhibition to realize such a space for the duration of the show.  To create the basic framework for this discursive space, we will need some resources.  The exact nature of the work and the participants will develop during this year,  but what is clear is that we will be inviting a small selection of artists, thinkers, socially engaged activists working in and around New York (possibly other US cities) to discuss issues related to their own work in Vilnius.  These invited guests along with some members of the 16 Beaver Group will comprise of the New York part of our involvement with show.

In these upcoming months before the exhibition, we will also work to familiarize ourselves with the community of thinkers and artists in Vilnius so that we are able to  organize events in which our visiting artists/speakers will present work alongside or in discussion with individuals in the community of cultural workers situated there.

The formats for the events will range from the aforementioned presentations (artist talk, slides, video presentation, etc…), to discussions around texts which will be distributed at the Centre (often related to our invited speakers) to less “formal” events like screenings or evenings or afternoons involving food, video/acoustic experimentation, social exchange.

Curators for 24/7 (Kestutis Kuizinas and Raimundas Malasauskas)

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