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Introducing: The Bomb Project: Art + Information Forum
There is now a message board online at The Bomb Project. Please feel
free to post relevant urls and information about conferences,
publications, articles, projects, and exhibitions pertaining to nuclear
Thanks and best regards,
Joy Garnett
The Bomb Project
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Current Front Page Features:
1) CWIHP Conference: Cold War Memory: Interpreting the Physical Legacy
of the Cold War; “Capturing the Bomb: the Nuclear Weapons Photography of Paul Shambroom + Robert Del Tredici” slide presentation.
2) Face To Face with the Bomb. Photographs + essay by Paul Shambroom
Intro. by Richard Rhodes. Johns Hopkins University Press (May 2003)
3) The Atomic Revolution (1957) by M. Philip Copp. The making of a Cold
War comic. Discovered + presented by Ethan Persoff; History researched by Greg Allen at Greg.org
>>> Upcoming Feature:
100 SUNS, by Michael Light. Knopf (pub date Oct 2003)