Hanno — From Estonia with Love : A Perfectly Ordinary Fascism?

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From Estonia with Love: A Perfectly Ordinary Fascism?
Dear Everyone
I have a few questions concerning an article, which was published
in “Postimees”, one of the main daily papers in Tallinn, Estonia on 28. 07.
2004 by a Director of a secondary school, Märt Sults, without any editorial
comments as if it was a perfectly ordinary opinion article. In translation I
have tried to follow the rude manner of writing used in original, but I am
afraid I have not entirely succeeded. I must also say that I have never read
anything quite like this at a daily paper in Estonia. I am amused. But I also
am worried and frightened.
Thank you for taking the trouble to read that shit,
yours, Hanno Soans
An Obligation to Take Care for the Survival of the Species
Märt Sults (the Director of Art Gymnasium of Tallinn)
As I am a chemistry teacher I have dealt with the themes concerning alcohol
and tobacco in my lessons from the one side and the other. I have found good
sides in it, but mostly explained the destructive effects of these substances
of pleasure both to human physiology and to their mental health. I wouldn´t
claim that I have perfectly succeded, but there have been dozens of saved
souls, so to say, not to say hundreds.
A human being is by nature an animal and an animal has an obligation to keep
the species alive, using all existent means for archeiving that primary goal.
We cannot deny that also among tha real animals an incompetent an uneducated
observer can can find both “gays” and “lesbians”, but in compaison with the
humans this activity has definitely other content and form. I take
homosexuality as a self-definition of deviants, particularly in case of male
As I am a man myself and proud of that, my take on that is simple – a great
part of the young Estonian men cannot be men as they cannot fulfill their
primary obligation towards the animal kingdom – to keep the species alive –
because they are simply impotent. They have drunk themselves to that
condition, have smoked themselves nuts from cannabis, have fucked around 24/7, consider sports as the pastime of fools and studying as pointless activity.
So what an alternative options do girls have then – to be with a guy who
have “not much to give and say” or to search love from the companions of the
same sex. As the young ladies are animals too, they too have to take care for
the survival of the species.
An oriental monk had supposedly said that the ultimate human archeivement is
turning sexual energy into a spiritual energy! But I don´t know really why
should I as a healthy northern man waste my energy and will for that trick.
Instead I could put my will to use to purify the spirit of these impotent men
playing the role of women and failed women who have taken on the role of the
man and to heal that mental disease.
I advise the society to take cathegorically negative attitude towards the
homosexuals. There is no way they can make an apply for democracy here. All
the talk about the rights of sexual minorities? Nature hasn´t given you any a
right not to be a woman or not to be a man. Homosexuals have taken that right
to cover up for their deviant behaviour. In the animal kingdom, these kind of
exeptions would be killed, specially when the species is in danger. And sadly
estonian nation and estonianness is already in great danger of extinction, but
nevertheless there are a loads of homosexuals.
For me Estonian “men” and “women” like that are the enemies of Estonian state
and should be isolated – lett them act behind closed walls. The solution would
also be setting a high tax for having no children – they should indeed pay
themselves for all their fun.
Yesterday I saw in front of Wiiralt´s cafe two naked female protestants
holding a piece of white paper in front of their naked breasts and lower body
with a text “we stand for nudism” printed on it in large capital letters. How
pathetic. Luckily no radical propagandists of male heterosexual behaviour were
passing by, with a nut for their brains and appetite for sex like a bull. It
would have been a hunt down the highway, wouldn`t it? The police saved the
girls – but for how long?
1. What would the reactions to that kind of a letter by a director of a
secondary school be in your country?
2. Would the parrallels drawn with nazi ideology seem an exaggeration in
this case?
3. Would someone start a court case for inflicting hatred and trouble in
4. What if there will be no official reactions from the Ministery of
Education and the other institutions responsible for that field?
5. Would you support the dismissal of such a school director?
If you have any suggestions please send a note to Hanno Soans:
Anyone willing to support the campain for dismissal of this particular
schooldirector please send a note to: yleskutsesallimatusele@hotmail.com