Rene — Filling the Void

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26 THE COMMON REVIEW vol. 4, no. 2
BETWEEN SEPTEMBER 1978 and May 1979,
the French philosopher Michel Foucault
published more than twenty articles about
the Iranian Revolution. Curiously, only three of
them have ever been available in English—until
In Foucault and the Iranian Revolution: Gender
and the Seductions of Islamism, Janet Afary and
Kevin Anderson have translated and assembled
not only Foucault’s articles on Iran but also inter-
views with Foucault on the subject (including one
from an Iranian journal, translated from Persian),
critical responses to Foucault’s Iran writings by
several intellectuals, letters to the editor of one of
the magazines for which he wrote the articles, an
open letter Foucault wrote to Iran’s revolution-
ary prime minister, and statements by Simone de
Beauvoir and Iranian feminists on the revolution.