Anj — India – Maoism and Shades of Grey

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Even amongst the informed and querulous segments ( those who are so
unsure about what to do with Maoist militancy and are concerned about
the impact on democratic mass movements), there is limited awareness of
the massive development work done by them–through mass
organizations–because in the final analysis everyone is swept away by
the mainstream media’s continuous portrayal of them as violent
militarists who swoop down from jungles and disappear into jungles after
massive ambushes etc.. The steady work done by them in mobile education,
health clinics, irrigation, culture work and parallel structures that
have benefitted tribals –is not on the minds today. Maoists are simply
enforcing the Directive Principles of the Indian constitution, which no
one has done for 62 years. Not the government, not any other mass
organization. Stuff like boiling water, enforcing minimum wages, digging
irrigation canals, ensuring the end of continuous mistreatment of women
by landlord culture is stopped and getting better price for agricultural
produce. Everyone is caught up in discussing Kishenji, phone calls,
faxes, deadlines etc….and the rogue manipulations of the teflon Indian
home minister and former Enron lawyer PCChidambaram. Please take time
out to listen to this 29 minute broadcast from New York FRSN.