16 Beaver at The Baltimore Museum of Art
Cram Sessions 04 -- Counter-Campus -- November

Move Your Ask -- 11.05.05

1. About Move Your Ask
2. The Questions
3. About Cram Sessions & Counter-Campus

1. About Move Your Ask

When: November 5th, 2005, 11:00 Am
Where: Baltimore Museum of Art, BMA
What: a discussion
Who: Activist Groups/Spaces and Active Individuals

Move Your Ask is the title of 16 BeaverGroup's event / participation
for "Counter-Campus" at BMA. No wonder it is called Move Your Ask,
because we still think more people have to move their Asks for things
to change. We are interested in thinking, and discussing together with
you, about your experience in local and beyond local politics. We are
interested in issues and problems related to Baltimore, but we are also
interested in connecting the issues if possible to an international
struggle. We are focusing on the formulation of questions (and their
answers) as a way to build connections between movements and have them
help each other. The idea of using questions is not necessarily opposed
to the clarity of manifestos, but it does provide for a more open

2. the Questions

2.1 Our question to you is as follows:
Which movement outside your own do you find most connected to ( inside
as well as outside of Baltimore)?
Please elaborate on the kind of connection or interest you share with
that group.

2.2 We would like you to formulate a question that you think is
relevant to our time, to the social and or to the political.

2.3 Please invite another group or individual who you think is able in
answer your question in the best way possible.

3. Series Description

Cram Sessions is a series of four experimental month-long contemporary exhibitions featuring works by international emerging artists. On Saturdays, the galleries are transformed into a forum where visitors can interact with the art, the space, and the artists. 04 Counter-Campus considers how artists and artist groups have modeled environments, tools, or self-instituted academies for autonomous and oppositional learning.
The show involves Copenhagen Free University, a Denmark-based artist-run institution dedicated to the production of critical consciousness and poetic language; Stephan Dillemuth and Nils Norman, who continue their research on the academy and corporate public; and 16 Beaver, a New York-based artists' platform providing presentations, publications, and discussions on a variety of cultural, economic, and political projects.