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Introduction to Continental Drift

The bulk of the readings are listed in the schedule for 2005 unfortunately not all links are functioning.

Additional Readings

Brian Holmes
Various articles on our website:

Liar's Poker

2 Interviews on 16 Beaver website with Brian Holmes

Greg Sholette

Previous 16 Beaver evening with Greg

Disciplining the Avant-Garde: The United States versus The Critical Art Ensemble

Dark Matter, Activist Art and the Counter-Public Sphere

David Harvey
David Harvey -- "Last days of the US empire?"

Interview with David Harvey

The New Anti-Imperialism
by Chuck Morse

Zombie anti-imperialists vs the 'Empire'
by James Heartfield'

Understanding the New Imperialism (Interview with David Harvey)

Kolya Abramsky
"Disentangling the Future from the Past: Internationalism, World revolution and World War."

kolyaab (at)

The following is a list of books, articles and websites which discuss many of the themes touched upon in this presentation. The majority are in English, but some are in Spanish. For convenience, it is divided by topics:
World-Sytems Analysis/Hegemony/Imperialism/Finance Capitalism
Arrighi, Giovanni 1994 The Long Twentieth Century – Money and Power and the Origins of Our Times Verso UK/USA
Arrighi, Giovanni 2005 Hegemony Unraveling Part 1 and 2 New Left Review 32,
Arrighi, Giovanni and Silver, Beverly (Eds.) 1999 Chaos and Governance in the
Modern World System University of Minnesota Press, Minneapolis, USA
Fernández Durán, Ramon 2005a Global Finance Capitalism and Permanent War –
The Dollar, Wall Street, and the War Against Iraq forthcoming, Pluto Press/Autonomedia, UK/USA
Harvey, David 2003 The New Imperialism Oxford University Press, UK
Martin, William (Ed) 2005 The Black World and the World-System Volume XXVIII
Number 1 Review Binghamton, USA
National Intelligence Council 2005 Mapping the Global Future - Report of the National Intelligence Council's 2020 Project USA
Silver, Beverly 2004 Labor, War and Politics – Contemporary Dynamics in World Historical Perspective in Unfried, van der Linden and Schindler (Eds.) Labor and New Social Movements in a Globalising World System 2004
Wallerstein, Immanuel (virtually any book or article). The page has short biweekly commentaries intended to be reflections on the contemporary world scene, as seen from the perspective not of the immediate headlines but of the long term.
Globalization and Class Conflict/International Working Class
Cleaver, Harry 1992 Theses on Secular Crisis in Capitalism: The Insurpassability of
Class Antagonisms notes based on a presentation at the Rethinking Marxism Conference, Amherst Massachusetts, November 13
Cleaver, Harry 1989 Close the IMF, Abolish Debt and End Development: a Class
Analysis of the International Debt Crisis Capital & Class No. 39, Winter
Cleaver, Harry 2000 Reading Capital Politically AK Press
Federici, Silvia 2000 War, Globalization, and Reproduction In There is an alternative
Zed Books, London
Federici, Silvia 2005 Women’s Land Struggles and the Valorization of Labor in The Commoner No 10
Midnight Notes Collective 1992 Midnight Oil – Work, Energy, War, 1973-1992 Autonomedia, Brooklyn, USA
Silver, Beverly 2003 Forces of Labor – Workers’ Movements and Globalization since
1870 Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, UK
Class Struggle in the USA
Caffentzis, George 1997/1998 From Capitalist Crisis to Proletarian Slavery: An
Introduction to Class Struggle in the US, 1973-1998
Caffentzis, George 2003 The War on Terrorism and the US Working Class
Caffentzis, George 2004 Is Truth Enough? The Bush Administration's Lies and the
Anti-War Movement's Truths talk given to the "Truth and Consequences"
Anti-War Forum University of Maine, March 20
Leary 2005 Crisis in the US Labor Movement: The Roads Not Taken Monthly
Review June
James, Carwil 2005 Shattering Consensus and Disrupting Downtown – New Urban
Resistance to War and Empire: A Strategic Reflection From and To The
Rebellious Multitude
Silliman, Gerber Fried, Ross, Gutiérrez 2004 Undivided Rights: Women of Color Organize for Reproductive Justice Southend Press, Massachussets USA Class Struggle, Resources and Foreign Policy in China
Eisenberger, Maximilian and Patel, Raj 2003 Agricultural Liberalization in China:
Curbing the State and Creating Cheap Labor Food First Institute for Food and Development Policy Policy Brief No. 9, Oakland, USA
Goldner, Loren 2005 China in the Contemporary World Dynamic of Accumulation and Class Struggle: A Challenge for the Radical Left ( a web journal primarily about Japan, China, Korea, covering a
wide-range of themes including social and interstate conflicts and tensions, trade and militarization)
Smil, Vaclav 2004 China’s Past, China’s Future – Energy, Food, Environment RoutledgeCurzon, New York/London Class Struggle in the EU
Abramsky, Kolya (Ed.) 2001 Restructuring and Resistance – Diverse Voices of
Struggle in Western Europe self published, London, UK
Carchedi, Guglielmo2001For Another Europe – A Class Analysis of European
Economic Integration Verso Books, UK
Chesnais, Francois 2004 Elementos para un combate político marxista contra la
Europa del Capital Talk given at the Primer Encuentro por una Izquierda Antagonista, Granada, Spain, 27th April
Fernández Durán, Ramon 2004 Mars Vs Venus or Dollar Vs Euro? The European
Constitution and the EU’s Arduous Road to Becoming a Super-power Capable of Backing up the Euro Madrid, Spain
Fernández Durán, Ramon 2005b La Compleja Constuccion de la “Europa” Superpotencia, Virus Editorial, Barcelona, Spain
Negri, Antonio 2005 Europa y el Imperio AKAL, Cuestiones de Antagonismo, Madrid,


Interview with Thomas Barnett (The Pentagon's New Map)

Susan Kelly: The Transversal and the Invisible
How do you really make a work of art that is not a work of art? (Chaosmosis)