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Date/Time: 11/11/2003 12:00 am

Dear Friends,
Many of you know that I recently got a job working as
a Program Coordinator for Raccoon – Reconciliation
and Culture Cooperative Network, a nonprofit
organization that works with people from Former
If you are interested to learn more about it please
visit our web site: www.balkansnet.org/prostor.html
One of the programs at Raccoon are FREE SCREENINGS of
movies from Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina,
Serbia, Kosovo, Montenegro and Macedonia.
I am glad to announce that we will be screening 3
SLOVENIAN MOVIES in the next 2 months.
Most of our screenings will have a follow up
discussion with Q&A session. ALL THE SCREENINGS ARE
The Guardian of the Frontier (Cuvaj Meje)
By Maja Weiss
Tuesday 10/28/03 at 7:00pm
Larabanga, srecna draga vas domaca
By Filip Vilc,Tea Rozman-Clark and Nathan Clark
Slovenia and Ghana
Tuesday 11/11/03 at 7:00 pm
Guests: Tea Rozman-Clark and Nathan Clark
Hot in The City (Vroce v Mestu)
By Jasna Hribernik
Slovenia, New York City
Tuesday 11/25/03 at 7:00 pm
Guest: Bronwyn Jones
Picture me an Enemy
By Nathalie Applewhite and Rene Lego
Bosnia and Herzegovina and Philadelphia
Tuesday 12/09/03 at 7:00 pm
Guest: Nathalie Applewhite, Natasa Borcanin, Tahija
Please note that the movies shown at Raccoon are in
English or have English subtitles. For full
descriptions of the upcoming films or to find out
more about our special guests visit our website!
We would like to inform you that we will make sure
the films will be screened on a good quality movie
projector for your maximum enjoyment!
Raccoon Space is conveniently located only on subway
stop from Manhattan! (directions below)
Looking forward to seeing you at Raccoon!
Tea Rozman-Clark
RACCOON SPACE is located in Long Island City, 43-32
22nd Street, suite 301,
(corner of 22nd Street and 44th Avenue)
two blocks south of Queensboro Bridge, one block south
of Silvercups Studios, two blocks northwest of
Citibank building.
E or V to 23rd Street/Ely Avenue (exit to the end of
the train on 21st St., turn right and walk two blocks
north to 44th Ave., turn right, walk half a block then
turn left on 22nd Street)
7 to Court Road Sq. (walk four blocks north under the
elevated tracks to 44th Ave., turn left, walk half a
block then turn right on 22nd St.)
F to 21st Street/Queensbridge (exit on 21st Street and
walk south, towards Queensboro bridge, pass the bridge
one block to 43rd Ave., turn left go to 22nd St., turn
N, W or 7 to Queensboro Plaza (exit to the south of
the bridge, on Queens Plaza South walk three blocks
west towards Manhattan, on 22nd Street turn left, go
south one and a half block)
G or R to Queens Plaza (exit to the front of the train
on Queens Plaza South and Hunter Street, turn left and
walk on Queens Plaza South parallel to the bridge to
22nd St., turn left and go south one and a half block)