Operation How, Now, Wow -- A Call to Action

Shortly after the statues of Saddam Hussein began falling in and around
Baghdad, we began working with a group of artists to create a framework for
collective action. This framework is Operation How, Now, Wow, an
international festival of dissent.

Their names are often hard to keep up with, Coalition of the Willing
(Coerced), the "War on Terror" (U.S./U.K. interventionism/imperialism),
Operation Iraqi Liberation (OIL), Homeland Security (War on Civil
Liberties), but the results all undermine or do the opposite of what they
name or imply.

Within, alongside, outside this frame of the festival we invite individuals,
groups, collectives, organizations, museums large or small to organize at
least one activity or action that can add a dimension, meaning, relation to
why we oppose and question what is being done in our name or in the name of
our security.

The timeframe for this operation is the weekend of April 25-26-27. We are
aware that many people are already in the mindset and are preparing such
actions, we just want to create a density of these activities to coincide
together and create a level of critical mass and public resonance.

The meaning of the festival beyond this weekend is to connect to others who
are also concerned with the current situation, others who do not agree and
are not afraid to say it and are willing to take action.

To open this call to as many people as possible, we need you to forward this
mail to other artists, activists, groups, and organizations. We look
forward to hearing about your events and actions.

Please visit our website for more information and to post your events.


[We will also generate a map of this cultural field of resistance and along
with that a calendar of all the related events that will be taking place.]


To Participate
Every event is free, this is an occassion for you to attend, participate, and meet interesting people

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Read the
Operation How,
Now, Wow Manifesto

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