C of the Willing
Noon Saturday October 29 to Noon Sunday October 30, 2005

A 25 hour event with 16Beaver, in which we will move through London, explore words beginning with the letter C as well as various notions of willingness. We are proposing an alternative to the Calendar Day, by beginning and ending in daylight. We’d like to stretch the very understanding and location of standard time and the Meridian. Post-PM. Post-AM.

We do not expect everyone to join us for the full length of this event, so come to the section that you like, decide if you’ll stick around, and feel free to drop in and out.

For 24 hour up to date information call:
RCA hotline 07962 574 141

C of the Willing has been conceived and organized by students on the MA Curating Contemporary Art at the Royal College of Art in London in collaboration with 16Beaver in New York.

Supported by a fund inaugurated in 2001 in memory of the curator Monique Beudert (1950-1999).
The MA Curating Contemporary Art is co-funded by the Royal College of Art and Arts Council England.

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Chronology (Overview):
Saturday, October 29th:
12:00 PM – 1:30 PM City of the Willing – Prologue (Coffee and Cookies)
1:45 PM – 4:00 PM Counter-Cartography Walk with C.CRED
4:30 PM – 7:30 PM Cultural Confrontation Cooking at IOR
8:30 PM – 10:00 PM A dialogue between 16Beaver Group & Boyle Family:
On Collective Practice & Collaboration
10:00 PM – 10:30 PM Casual Conversation
11:15 PM – 1:30 AM Capturing Certain Conditions (Screening of Open Submissions)

Sunday, October 30th:
1:45 AM – 3:00 AM Chill out and drinks
3:15 AM – 6:15 AM Chimerical Walk
6:30 AM – 8:30 AM Breakfast at sunrise
8:45 AM – 10:00 AM Games for the Willing and the Unwilling with Cesare Pietroiusti
11:00 AM – 12:00 PM City of the Willing – Epilogue (Radio Talk)
Please note daylight saving at 02:00 AM on Sunday 30 October!

When: 12:00 PM to 1:30 PM
What: City of the Willing (Coffee and Cookies)
Where: Curating Contemporary Art Department,
Royal College of Art, Stevens Building, Jay Mews, London SW7 2EU
Tube: South Kensington or Knightsbridge + Bus: 9, 10, 52
This discussion is meant to be a casual one in a 'many to many' format.
During this time, 16Beaver will give a brief and a casual introduction to what they have planned for the day: a time to meet and better know one another. It will be a good chance to develop a few questions in relation to the City and the Willing. What are the willing capable of doing in a city like London? Who are the Willing in the first place? What are the unwilling doing? How are they changing the cityscape of London and other cities? With whose force and what force will we take this city?

When: 1:45 PM to 4:00 PM
What: Counter-Cartography Walk ¬– with C.CRED
Where: Meeting point in front of the Albert Memorial, Hyde Park, London SW7
Tube: South Kensington or Knightsbridge + Bus: 9, 10, 52

The route of our walk will be determined by all participants, including our friends from C.CRED (see below), CCA, 16Beaver Group, and everyone else interested in taking part.

The criteria for suggesting these locations is that these places retain or recall counter-narratives of the city: forgotten, misplaced, displaced, possible sites of pleasure, resistance, forgetting or sites for proposed scenes for unrealized films and more. These histories / stories are probably not the ones marked on a conventional or even an unconventional map or guide of the city.
C.CRED is a London based but very nomadic artist collective and members-run platform for the development of collaborative structures, projects, interventions and other initiatives linking art and aesthetic practice to wider socio-political contexts. Although maintained by a small group of people, it operates only through participation and through the wider, continuously changing collective structure that remains the foundation of the different projects and interventions the collective organizes.

When: 4:30 PM to 7:30 PM
What: Cultural Confrontation Cooking + Talk/Archive with IOR
Where: IOR, 109 Corbyn Street, London N4 3BX
Rail: Crouch Hill / Tube: Finsbury Park / Bus: 210

“In history as in nature, the rotten is the laboratory of life.” Karl Marx
The Institution of Rot (IOR) was founded by artist Richard Crow and writer
Nick Couldry in 1992 as part of London’s Secret Spaces. Situated in a
Victorian House in North London, Crow's working and living space, the IOR
has been (from 1992-1996) an active artist-run space dedicated to
performance, audio works and site-specific installations. Included in the
‘Life/Live’ anthology edited by Laurence Bosse and Hans-Ulrich Obrist
(1996), IOR significantly contributed to the extraordinary dynamism of
London’s artist-run spaces phenomenon of the 90s. Rooted in a
do-it-yourself production and a collaborative process, IOR’s specific
concerns (and obsessions) were the privacy of the human body and its public
transformations (ingestion, expulsion, cleansing, confession, rituals and

The IOR was also, from 1985-1994, the recording studio of the group Diastolic
Murmurs (Adam Bohman and Richard Crow). At present IOR is a ‘living archive’
of recordings, objects, texts and images. It also remains ‘open’ as a point
of contact for international collaborations and occasional (unofficial)
artists’ residencies created in partnership with curator Lucia Farinati.
Recent projects include: Found Wanting in collaboration with the
collective e-Xplo (2004); a live broadcast in collaboration with Sound Art
Museum - Radio Arte Mobile, Rome (2005); The IOR Archive presents The
Adam Bohman Talking Tapes Vol 1- 2 (ongoing), Resonance fm (2005).
For the dinner event the IOR archive will be activated with some
original recordings, films, slides, texts and objects.

Before arriving to the site of the meal we will all stop in at a market and
look for ingredients that might introduce Cultural Confrontation. Cooking.
Coordination is a possibility. Each participant please bring at least two
“We like their food but we do not like them!”
“We like them but we do not like their food!”
“We like them only if we like their food!”

When: 8:30 PM to 10:00 PM
What: A dialogue between 16Beaver Group & Boyle Family:
On Collective Practice & Collaboration
Where: 176 Prince of Wales Road, London NW5 3PT
Tube: Chalk Farm / Rail: Kentish Town West / Bus: 46, 168, 31, 134

A presentation about the Boyle Family and 16Beaver Group modes of operation, and some guidelines or parameters that they think are relevant for building collaborative modules. It is also meant to be a discussion about collaboration, common work and common concerns.
For more information on the Boyle Family, go to:

When: 10:00 PM to 10:30 PM
What: Casual Conversation
Where: 176 Prince of Wales Road, London NW5 3PT
Tube: Chalk Farm / Rail: Kentish Town West / Bus: 46, 168, 31, 134
We will remain at 176 Prince of Wales Road, maybe have some juice, tea or coffee, and
follow up the event with some opportunity for casual conversations between
people at the event.

When: 11:15 PM to 1:30 AM
What: Capturing Certain Conditions
Where: Rio Cinema, 107 Kingsland High Street, London E8 2PB
Rail: Dalston Kingsland Station / Bus: 67, (N)76, (N)149, (N)243
A Late Night Screening of Open Submissions
Participants are asked to bring in a cued selection from TV, news, a video or a film of their own or by others (Length: 1:00 to 5:00 minutes).
What is of relevance at this point in time?
Which films are able to capture those moments?
How / where are political struggles present in films/videos/on TV/internet?
How / where are social conditions in films/videos/on TV/internet?
What is our current predicament? What is certain or uncertain about it?
Can video or film capture anything outside the condition of capturing?
16Beaver has for some time been interested in constructing or looking for alternative formats of social exchange. This particular exchange will take place through the selection of videos that will be screened. Individuals are asked to bring in a cued selection from a video/film/DVD of their own, from television, from films, from friends, which captures a very specific condition. We should note that we are not interested in great works of art or even artists works. Instead we are interested in encouraging a dialogue to take place about the present moment, our current condition. The selections can be seen as questions, responses, provocations, or suggested lines of inquiry. They are also meant to speak toward the ability or inability of the selected medium (television, film, video, internet stream) to capture anything at all. Our only demand is that the selections be between 1:00 to 5:00 minutes in length. DVD-Pal, VHS, Mini DV, DV Cam.

When: 1:45 AM to 3:00 AM
What: Chill out and drinks
Where: Location to be announced (Kingsland High Street), please call 07962 574 141 for full details
Rail: Dalston Kingsland Station / Bus: 67, (N)76, (N)149, (N)243

When: 3:15 AM to 6:15 AM
What: Chimerical Walk
Where: Meeting point outside Rio Cinema
107 Kingsland High Street (corner of John Campbell Road), E8 2PB
Rail: Dalston Kingsland Station / Bus: 67, (N)76, (N)149, (N)243
A Night Walk Through Dark Spots of London

Distribution of ‘no shift lag drugs’

chimera / Also chimaera.
1 Gk Mythol. A fire-breathing monster, with a lion’s head, a goat’s body, and a serpent’s tail. 2 A grotesque monster represented in painting etc. 3a A bogey horrible phantasm. b A wild or fanciful conception. c A thing of hybrid character.
chimeric, -ical of the nature of the chimera; imaginary, fanciful, visionary; prone to entertain chimeras.
The route of this walk will be planned in considering and choosing areas and places that are most feared, neglected, exoticized, eroticized and invisible to the public. Areas that people advise you to avoid or not go there by night. The spirit of the walking gang will build the solidarity and daring mostly inaccessible to the individual. Please come with suggestions and ideas.

When: 6:30 AM to 8:30 AM
What: Breakfast at sunrise
Where: Gasworks, 155 Vauxhall Street, London SE11
Tube: Oval or Vauxhall / Bus: 38, 185

When: 8:45 AM to 10:00 AM
What: Games for the Willing and the Unwilling – with Cesare Pietroiusti
Where: Gasworks, 155 Vauxhall Street, SE11
Tube: Oval or Vauxhall / Bus: 38, 185

What we do at 16Beaver can be seen as an experimental form of theater of everyday life. It is not by chance that many of us who meet there/here find a great source of inspiration in games and game theories. Games have premises, scenarios, frameworks, instructions, rules and often when these are the most simple, the most complex social relations develop. The formality of games can be used for social control and/or liberation. Their informality can take to forms of sharing that are impossible within capitalist routines. Last, but not least, games often provide what we find to be a great thing: a good sense of humor. We should not forget that we are playful beings.
Artist Cesare Pietroiusti is no stranger to games and what he calls ‘non-functional thoughts’. He will join us for this session to play together.

When: 11:00 AM – 12:00 PM
What: City of the Willing (Radio Talk)
Where: Resonance fm
104.4 fm / www.resonancefm.com
A sleepless report about Cities of the Willing, a discussion about 16Beaver’s group activities in London and New York. Connections between London and New York will be drawn, based on the experience of the 24-hour event.
What does the city of the willing call us for?
End Program.