Monday Night — 03.05.01 – Ricardo Dominguez — Reading Group & Dual-Use

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Monday Night — 03.05.01 – Ricardo Dominguez — Reading Group & Dual-Use
1. About This Monday (……Ricardo Dominguez……)
2. Useful Links
3. About Ricardo Dominguez
4. About Reading Group & Dual-Use Discussion Series
1. About This Monday
Monday 3/5 – Reading Group / Dual-Use at 16 Beaver
R. Dominguez talks about Digital Zapatismo at 16 Beaver, March 5. 2001
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16 Beaver Reading Group in conjunction with Dual-Use
is pleased to invite everyone to join us for a presentation
and discussion with artist/activist/theorist Ricardo Dominguez
on Monday March 5. 8:00pm at 16 Beaver Street, 5th Fl. New York.
The talk is organized as a parallel to the journey of
twenty-four Zapatista men and women (including
Subcomandante Marcos) who left Chiapas on Feb 24, 2001
and will be arriving in Mexico City on March 11, 2001.
Their purpose is to reach resolutions with numerous
other groups and organizations at the III CNI (Third
National Indigenous Congress) as well as to present
their demands to the Mexican Congress.
We hope you can come!
2. Useful Links
The following three texts will serve as a common
The Zapatistas and the Electronic Fabric of Struggle
Harry Cleaver
On the march to the Capital
Wired For War by Tim McGirk (Time Magazine)
you can also find links to Zapatista sites at
These quotes may serve as a starting point:
“We are all the network, all of us who speak and listen.”
–The Zapatistas
“Politically concerned network actors must only put up
signs of protest and never walk out into the middle of
the highway. Individuals and groups who lack the exact
knowledge to hack into a system should remain good
netcitizens by just pointing and clicking. They must
never take a dump in the middle of the sacred caves of
Power and Truth. The digital agit-prop actions of The
Electronic Disturbance Theater call for research and
development of html democracies and the right to block
data for human rights. These networked performances
have also opened access and communication between
three important micro-networks: net.art, net.activism,
and net.hackers. What will arise from this shit pile
is impossible to foresee.”
3. About Ricardo Dominguez
Ricardo Dominguez is Co-founder of the Electronic
Disturbance Theater and Digital Zapatista.
Born in Las Vegas, Nevada, he is a net.performer who
was trained as a classical actor. He started working
with a group of artists, theorists, and activists
during the early 1980s in Tallahassee, Florida – who
later became Critical Art Ensemble. As a member of
Critical Art Ensemble, he took part in the development
of the theory of electronic civil disobedience and a
performative matrix that would emerge from non-violent
direct electronic action.
In an attempt to put the theory of electronic civil
disobedience into practice he moved to New York City
in 1991. Between 1991 and 1994 he lived in the squats
of New York City and trained himself to use the
emerging technologies. He is part of the editorial
collective Blast5, Managing Editor of The Thingnyc,
and a member of the New York Commitee for Democracy in
additional suggested readings:
Zapatistas: The Recombinant Movie
ricardo dominguez
The Electronic Disturbance Theater and Electronic
Civil Disobedience
The Zapatista Tactical FloodNet
A collabortive, activist and conceptual art work of
the net
by Brett Stalbaum (This is a better version of the
infowar email
Diogenes On-line:Gestures against the Virtual Republic
by ricardo dominguez
Electronic Civil Disobedience and the World Wide Web
of Hacktivism:
A Mapping of Extraparliamentarian Direct Action Net
by Stefan Wray
Electronic Disturbance Theater (Homepage)
4. About Reading Group & Dual-Use Discussion Series
Dual-Use and the 16 Beaver Reading Group have collaborated over
the course of the last year or so to invite various artists, activists,
journalists, and other cultural workers to speak and discuss their
role and thoughts on (collective) art practice, activism, and community
involvement. In addition to these invited guests, panels, “town
meetings”, and group discussions have been organized to
explore specific issues and political situations.
We hope to continue these discussions which have included
individuals/organizations such as The National Mobilization
Against SweatShops (NMASS), Renée Green, Doug Ashford
(Group Material), Jim Costanzo (repoHISTORY), Ricardo
Dominguez (Electronic Disturbance Theater & Critical Art
Ensemble) and Anthony Arnove (editor of Iraq Under Siege :
The Deadly Impact of Sanctions and War). If you have any
suggestions or would like to be involved in organizing future
presentations or panels, please write to sixteenbeaver@aol.com