Monday — 05.07.01 — Reading Group at 16 Beaver — Toufic Haddad

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Monday — 05.07.01 — Reading Group at 16 Beaver — Toufic Haddad

1. About This Monday
2. Choice of Readings and About Between the Line
3. About this Series of Presentations/Discussions

1. About This Monday

A Journalist’s Account from Ground Zero

A Presentation by
Co-editor/co-founder of ‘Between the Lines’ magazine

Toufic Haddad, a Palestinian-American writer/activist based in Ramallah,
West Bank, will be touring northeast US this spring, and will speak at 2
locations in NY. Join us to hear his presentation on a historical
framework for the current Palestinian Intifada, and an analysis of its
dynamics vis-a-vis the Israeli government and the Palestinian Authority. He
will offer his insight into Palesitnian grassroots movement, and speak about
the potential for the emergence of a progressive Palestinian front in
response to the failure of the Palestinian Authority to represent its
constituents at popular level. Toufic will also share his experience and
analysis on the siege of the Palestinian communities by the Israeli army, as
well as his experience as an organizer in a newly-emerging joint
anti-apartheid campaign of Palesitnians both living within Israel and the
Occupied Territories.

2. Choice of Readings and About Between the Lines

toufic haddad article:

About Between the Lines:
BTL is a cutting-edge monthly journal of alternative analysis of the
Israeli-Palestinian conflict, founded 6 months ago by Toufic Haddad and
Tikva Honig-Parnass, a Jewish-Israeli activist. The two were co-editors of
News from Within, a well-respected journal published by the Alternative
Information Center (AIC) until last year when AIC experienced financial
crisis and Toufic and Tikva launched on BTL as their independent venture.
BTL offers analysis of the current situation in the Occupied Palesitnian
Territories and Israel, including historical perspectives, interviews with
members of the various factions of the Palestinian leadership as well as
with some of the more radical members in the Israeli society. BTL includes
articles written by some of the most prominent Palestinian and Israeli
activists, academics, jounalists, political leaders and organizers including
Saleh Abdul-Jawad, Azmi Bishara, Israel Shahak, Amnon Raz-Krakotzkin and
leading international jounalists such as Graham Usher.

3. About this Series of Presentations/Discussions

This evening is made possible by 16 Beaver Reading Group
(212.509-2800 sixteenbeaver@aol.com), Dual-Use and MECA.

Dual-Use and the 16 Beaver Reading Group have collaborated over
the course of the last year or so to invite various artists, activists,
journalists, and other cultural workers to speak and discuss their
role and thoughts on (collective) art practice, activism, and/or community
involvement. In addition to these invited guests, panels, “town
meetings”, and group discussions have been organized to
explore specific issues and political situations.

We hope to continue these discussions which have included
individuals/organizations such as The National Mobilization
Against SweatShops (NMASS), Renée Green, Doug Ashford
(Group Material), Jim Costanzo (repoHISTORY), Anthony
Arnove (editor of Iraq Under Siege : The Deadly Impact of Sanctions
and War), Renée Cox, and Ricardo Dominguez. If you have any
suggestions or would like to be involved in organizing future
presentations or panels, please write to sixteenbeaver@aol.com