Sat. + Sun. Night — 12.20-21.03 — Dim Sum (Red76)

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Sat. + Sun. Night — 12.20-21.03 — Dim Sum (Red76) at 16Beaver
1. About Saturday & Sunday
2. Note from Red76
3. Dim Sum NYC
4. About Red76
1. About Saturday and Sunday
What: Dim Sum Project (Red76)
When: 7pm (Sat. & Sun.)
Where: 16Beaver Street, 5th Floor
Who: All are invited
Tonight and Sunday night, we invite you to skip the holiday party
-shopping confusion, and skip the ordinary group dining experience and
instead come to 16beaver for some Dim Sum.
Dim Sum is a project organized by Red76 arts group. Guests are seated at
a table and served drinks, like an ordinary dining experience. The only
difference is that here the menu consists of names of artists, groups,
zines. A staff of waiters is there to consult you on the best items on
offer, the daily specials, etc… Once a choice has been made, your
selection is brought to your table.
Saturday Night’s specials should be a treat!
2. Note from Red 76
Hi Everyone,
We had the first day of Dim Sum today and it was great. Tomorrow (Sat.20)
and the next (Sun.21) we’ll be doing it again. This time at night though;
7 – 11pm.
We’ve added more work to the archive since we last put on the show in
December of 2002:
– Jennifer Matotek’s amazing, wonderful, super super cool video “Cats and
Pants” was the special of the day today. I would imagine that it will be
for the next two as well.
– Sam’s new video “Meditation and Violence” was a big hit as well. Part of
a series (The 60’s) focusing on his reflections of the 1960’s seen
through the eyes of someone born in the mid-1970’s through the use of sock
puppet characters, “Meditation and Violence” focuses on Allen Ginsberg and
William F. Buckley Jr.
– A selection of documentation from the arts group Hints from Budapest,
Hungary features amazing projects focusing on a wide range of work from
50’s hairdryers playing music from contemporary Hungarian composers, to
live cooking shows via the internet.
– Chandra Bocci has sent in a great new work, as well. A pop-up book
featuring rainbows, clouds, and flying horses. Yes!
If you happen to be in the NYC area this weekend please stop by. We’d love
to have you.
3. Dim Sum NYC
Dec. 19 -21
Fri. 12 – 3pm
Sat. and Sun. 7 – 11pm
(for detailed directions please see www.16beavergroup.org)
Dim Sum, a project we first enacted in December 2002 in Portland, Oregon,
archives the work of well over 100 artists from around the world. Art that
can really be worked over. Work that can be held, listened to, looked at.
The viewer arrives in the gallery to see the space set up as if they were
in a restaurant. They are seated, drinks are served. There is a TV/VCR,
and a CD player at each table. Menus are given to the viewers that are
incredibly hard to figure out and only vaguely give you an idea of what
you might get. We, Red76 members, come around dressed as waitstaff with
material for the viewers to choose from that they might not have picked
off the menu, just as if you were eating Dim Sum.
In Cantonese Dim Sum translates into “a little bit of heart”. What better
to focus on? Some may view the work shown at this exhibit as ephemera.
Fuck that. Zines, chapbooks, CDs, videos, giveaway portfolios, scrapbooks,
are the items that fuel ideas and spur growth. Most importantly these are
the works of art that we see around us everyday. In our bookshelves, on
our tables. These are works of art that you can pick up, sit down with,
and call your own.
Artists from as far away as Bilbao-Spain, and as close by as your
roommates bedroom, will be on view during Dim Sum. Stop in, pick a seat,
have a drink, and dig in, all free of charge.
4. Abouty Red76 arts group
Red76 arts group is an independent arts collaborative formed in February,
2000 by Sam Gould and Jef Drawbaugh. Since its inception the group has
curated, presented, and produced more than 40 exhibitions, events, and
actions, as well as 8cd’s and an arts/culture journal entitled
Red76 arts group’s goal is to provide new and challenging ideas and
frameworks in which to display contemporary art and thought, as well as
trying to devise means to incorporate these works and ideas into the daily
lives of the general public.
At the moment Red76 is working on a number of projects. One of their most
current project was the Ministry of Small Things; A temporary institute
devoted to the process of ideas, why we make the choices we make, and how
we go about achieving, and or, not achieving, these ideas/goals. The
project was enacted with 11 of Red76’s collaborators/friends throughout
this summer in a 120,000 square foot warehouse in the city of St.John’s,
Oregon, USA.
In the past Red76 has developed such other initiatives as:
– I.A.E. 2003 (International Arts Group Exposition)
An exhibition bringing together more than 25 arts groups from around the
world. The goal of the I.A.E. – to create a forum for independent arts
groups to create networks of communication to further each others
philosophies and aesthetic platforms, as well as, inform the general
public of new, innovative, and independent practices within the arts.
– Bits and Pieces
On the last Sunday of each month, for a 6 month season, Red76 presented
its series Bits and Pieces. A brunch time lecture/presentation series
wherein the group served up a huge breakfast for its guests and treated
them to an afternoon of presentations, performances, lectures and talks.
Each months Bits and Pieces was presented by a new curator, all free of
– Communirt Jukebox
A project focusing on Accesabile Media (cell phones, radio tranmissions,
postcards, etc…) and community dialogue and interaction.
Right now Red76 is working on the final plans for an Eastern European tour
in February, as well as the second issue of their arts/culture journal,