Sunday — 01.10.21 — Thirty Seventh Testing Assembling

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Sunday — 01.10.21 — Thirty Seventh Testing Assembling

0. Invitation
1. Short Note from New York
2. Short Note from Faridabad

0. Invitation

We started the new year, using the assembly space as one for sharing our own questions and dreams. In the span of a week’s time, we return to the power of the nightmares currently imposed.

This Sunday we will gather to make sense of the events of this week, at the Capitol, in the light of the various threads and questions we have been weaving together over these many weeks of assembling.

We keep these notes brief in order to share more tomorrow.

For those interested to assemble with us virtually, please write to mai [AT] 16beavergroup.org.

1. Short Note from New York

As one way of preparing tomorrow’s assembly, Nick wrote the following short note:

Trumpism has enacted the paradoxical achievement of being most powerful in its moment of apparent defeat. From defending the symbols of white supremacy at Charlottesville, it has now claimed for itself the supreme capacity to define constituted power, meaning the power bestowed by a constitution. Recognizing the US Constitution for the supremacist document that it is, they have sought to exploit its arcane practices, supported by half the Republican party in Congress. And their takeover of the US Capitol was the most dramatic media event since 9/11.

Supremacy is now both an insurgency and counterinsurgency. Like older fascisms, it is a transfer of strategy from the colonized war zones of Afghanistan and Iraq to the sacralized “homeland.” It is a counterinsurgency whether against antifa or the deep state or the supposed steal of the election. But its tactics are those of insurgency. The random killing of Heather Heyer at Charlottesville was matched by the equally random “martyrdom” of Air Force veteran and QAnon follower Ashli Babbitt in the Capitol. This combination of insurgency and counterinsurgency is the supremacist politics for the era of permanent war.

The action at the Capitol co-opted the social justice movement tactics of direct action, combining the 2000s blockades of G8 meetings with Occupy-style direct action against symbolic sites and the dynamics of Live Action Role Playing and cosplay. The primary affect was glee, like at a Trump rally. The goal, fully and amply achieved, was media coverage. The participants withdrew, in expectation of many such days to come. Regardless of what happens to Trump, the present Caesarism is a police system in which the cops create Caesar, not the other way around. Gramsci figured this out long ago in a fascist jail.

The counterpoint to the spectacle of counterinsurgency has been the painstaking and tedious work of voter registration in the former Confederacy. Led by Black women, this is work that has already been done in Reconstruction (1865-77) and after the Civil Rights Act (1965) but was never completed. Stacey Abrams and others have closed the populist moment in representative politics. Would it be time to revive Dr. King’s 1967 agenda to confront militarism, poverty and racism as interconnected—above all by patriarchy?

2. Short Note from Faridabad

We also received this text from an “anti-activist” activist from Faridabad who claims to have been liberated from activism!!!

Welcome 2020 extension

For a hundred and fifty years now, wage-labour based commodity production is dysfunctional and harmful.

Significant initiatives for a new social organisation in Europe, wages system’s first centre. 1871 Paris Commune is a beacon.

But wage-labour based commodity production continued. Result : massive destruction in 1914-1919 war.

Our ancestors attempting a new social formation had identified democracy as the best mould for maintanence of the wages system.

In the beginning the democracy of Europe-America. Then their duet with the democracy of Russia-China.

Hierarchy premised on wage-labour based commodity production has been increasingly fatal. The awesome slaughter of 1939-1945 war. And, now life on earth at stake.

America state’s policing of the world is facing challenge from the state in China ….

The global lockdowns in 2020 en masse cleaned up  a lot of garbage. Vibrant time. Humans acquire new energy. Acceleration in the process of creating a new social organisation.

Now on 6th January attack on parliament in America. Democracy is on death-bed.

Welcome 2020 extension.

● स्वागत 2020 विस्तार ●

डेढ सौ-क वर्ष से मजदूर लगा कर मण्डी के लिये उत्पादन नाकारा तथा हानिकारक है।

मजदूरी-प्रथा के पहले केन्द्र, यूरोप में नई समाज रचना के लिये उल्लेखनीय पहल हुई। 1871 में पेरिस कम्यून प्रकाश-स्तम्भ है।

परन्तु मजदूर लगा कर मण्डी के लिये उत्पादन आधारित रुपये-पैसे वाली ऊँच-नीच बनी रही। परिणाम : 1914-1919 वाले युद्ध की विनाशलीला।

नई समाज रचना के लिये प्रयासरत हमारे पूर्वजों ने मजदूरी-प्रथा बनाये रखने के लिये जनतन्त्र की श्रेष्ठ खोल के तौर पर पहचान की थी।

आरम्भ में यूरोप-अमरीका वाले जनतन्त्र। फिर रूस-चीन वाले जनतन्त्र की उनके साथ जुगलबंदी। मजदूर लगा कर मण्डी के लिये उत्पादन वाली ऊँच-नीच की विनाशलीला बढती आई है। 1939-1945 वाले युद्ध की विभत्स मारकाट। और, इधर पृथ्वी पर जीवन का दाँव पर लगना।

इधर अमरीका सरकार की दुनिया में एकछत्र-सी थाणेदारी को चीन सरकार चुनौती देने लगी…

2020 की वैश्विक पूर्णबन्दी ने थोक में कूड़ा-कचरा साफ किया। जीवन्त समय। नई समाज रचना की प्रक्रिया तीव्रतर : मानव प्रजाति में नई ऊर्जा उत्पन्न।

इधर अमरीका में संसद पर 6 जनवरी को आक्रमण। जनतन्त्र का बाजा बज गया है।

स्वागत 2020 विस्तार।