Sunday — 02.07.21 — 41st Testing Assembly

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Sunday — 02.07.21 — 41st Testing Assembly

0. Invitation
1. A Feminist Horizon
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0. Invitation

For the 41st and 42nd Assembly, this Sunday and the one following, we will try to map collectively a series of questions relating to feminist struggles strikes potentialities desires to change everything.

The assembly will take place at 11AM (New York Time)

For those interested to join, please write to mai [AT] 16beavergoup.org.

1. A Feminist Horizon

What does a feminist horizon of struggle imply and call for today? Do feminist struggles in this conjuncture offer a way to bridge the disparate and yet related struggles across our worlds living through an expanding and evermore violent mix of crises?

How to learn from the places such struggles are unfolding, precisely in the midst of this pandemic; which lays bare not only the apocalyptic calculations and structural violence of 50 years of neoliberal accounting, but also the 500 years of colonial, capitalist, and patriarchal plundering and disordering of our relations to one another and to earth that it has been based on.

One could even say, neoliberalism has been the process of institutionalizing, generalizing, and consolidating the power accumulated from those violent histories and histories of violence in the guise of neutral and objective economic theories and impositions. It has been the counter-insurgency waged through laws, above all justified as sound economic policy in response to the insurgencies of the enslaved, the colonized, the repressed and suppressed which emerged during the 60’s.

It is an accounting that has to discount and render invisible the fragile meshworks of care, which are the actual structures holding our worlds together. What has the notion of ‘essential worker’ revealed if not the paradox at the heart of systems which render those same bodies which carry out that work (racialized and gendered) the most expendable and exploited?

As we continue to inquire and feel our way through these times of precarity, are we on the verge of new forms of revolt and strike from the caregiving classes, a reclaiming of our reproductive forces? As we think through the various forms of strike that are being enacted, on the way, underway, and to come; do we find guidance from insurgent feminist politics? Where do the scars and marks of the colony and colonial histories reside within such a politics?

Call it feminist strike, a feminist international, a transnational feminism, call it a feminist front, intersectional, transversal, decolonial – over the next two weeks, we try to map out the questions and potentialities with/for insurgent feminisms today.

This week, on the 7th, we will try to share and map out questions and situated experiences giving also time for elaboration relating to these insurgencies.

The following week, on the 14th, we will be joined by some comrades inside the feminist struggles which have evolved in Argentina and in Latin America, who will try to engage further with some of our questions gathered and articulated this week.

1. Some Useful Links

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