Sunday — 03.26.23 — Étienne Balibar – War By Other Names — Act 11

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Eleventh Encounter
with Étienne Balibar

Sunday March 26th, 2023
11AM (EST) Assembling Begins

Dear Friends,

We want to send you all our warmest greetings for the arrival of spring.

This Sunday March 26th, 2023 we invite you to join us in welcoming Étienne Balibar to our assemblings.

As most of you may recall, in the Fall of 2021, we assembled virtually with friends to mark the passing of a friend and comrade Jean-Luc Nancy. Étienne was one of the friends who joined us on that occasion. For that virtual wake, we concluded together with Étienne thinking through Jean-Luc’s La communauté désoeuvrée and the questions he posed then (and which reverberate today) thinking through the legacies and futures for whatever was called by the name communism and oriented by an idea of left. At the heart of that text, which remained critical for Étienne and for us, was the fate of notions of community in whatever would be a coming politics and today we could say a planetary politics.

We agreed then, at the conclusion of that wake for Jean-Luc that we would look for another occasion to continue the conversation and thinking together.

Precisely in this conjuncture of wars within wars and facing the war on Ukraine, we invite you to join us for what will be the eleventh act of War by Other Names.


Étienne Balibar on Ukraine (Jun. 2022) We want to share a text that Étienne has written in late June of 2022, which can be one of the points of reference for Sunday’s assembly. It is one of the more thorough and generative texts we have read by a thinker of his generation, positioned in Europe, to open up his own process of thinking and responding to the war on Ukraine as well as its planetary implications.

For those who get the chance to read the text, we invite your questions. http://16beavergroup.org/summit/balibar_november_notes_on_ukraine.pdf



Sunday March 26th, 2023 11AM EST


REMEMBERING GUSTAVO Before concluding this short letter, we also want to mark the one year since Gustavo Esteva’s passing by sharing a link to a sonic altar composed and hosted by friends in Ecoversities and Firefly Frequencies.