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Detainees, Human Rights, Law Related Links

This is the Progressive'ss McCarthyism watch, not as many links as there should be, but a good start

Human Rights Watch

U.S.: Growing Problem Of Guantanamo Detainees

The American Society of International Law
Another useful human rights legal site, with links to some papers

A specific article related to detainees

An interesting website for disseminating information on the US war against terror as well as other human rights related crisis situations like Kashmir or the impending ar against Iraq.  Although you will surely not agree with all of the “experts” they interview, an interesting discussion on key issues provokes interesting ideas and responses.

again link related specifically to detainees

University of Minnesota Human Right Library

RIGHTS OF PRISONERS AND DETAINEES an interesting Dutch political internet group/foundation collecting and disseminating juridical/political/technical  knowledge among other things, not sure how active they are these days.

A page of Useful Links from the folks at

A really good site, I cannot say enough about it

Really good links to really great sites and articles, hard pressed to find something as immediately rewarding as this site

Resource site about the legal action to end the unlawful detention of those held at Camp, X-Ray, Guantanamo Bay

The Northhamption Bill of Rights Defense Committee

Links to links to links, a homework sort of website, very grassroots, more oriented towards a local civic activism, useful with many overlaps from above, another useful place to look for content particularly in relation to civil liberties.

Palestinian Detainees, a book that was published a year ago, so many other detainee situations to link to here, many more links to apply to situation abroad, if people have suggestions, please write to us


Essays / Links to Materials that can come at beginning or end:

Agamben Essay on Terror and Security

Zones of indistinction - security, terror, and bare life'
by Bčlent Diken and Carsten Bagge Laustsen

Globalisation from Below: Migration, Sovereignty, Communication

The World Trade Center and the Rise of the Security State

Selected accounts of 9-11 from Critical Theory Dept. from UC Davis
Sort of a "best of"

Other interesting links in NYC/911 texts, with clues to other possible writers

London Review of Books -- Collected Statements on 9-11 Tariq Ali to Hal Foster

Interesting Essay presented in 2001 of feb. by graduate student, would be be an interesting contributor:
click here to read this essay


Iteresting Links and Resources directly related to Homeland Security:
Anser Institute for Homeland Security includes a journal on HLS and many other commentaries and insights into HLS jargon.
Includes links to Whitehouse Docs outlining office of HLS.
Homeland Security Cultural Bureau (Need we say more?)
Government Computer News Website, dealing with H on the level of computers.
Electronic Privacy Information Center includes links to info about HS as well as a very detailed fact-sheet about the office. Also has links to a list of other websites dealing with HS.
Just in case you wanted to buy a directory for Homeland Security. American ingenuity in action.
an activist site with some funny posters

Whitehouse Links:
The official page for the not yet created office of HS
A page listing the most up to date press releases by the Whitehouse re: Homeland Security
Whitehouse outline for homeland security, includes links to a PDF. This is a book project by the Whitehouse about HS.
This is a link to the Bill sent to Congress for an Office of HS

Includes the following:

SEC. 2. DEFINITIONS. Unless the context clearly indicates otherwise, the following shall apply for purposes of this Act: (1) 'American homeland' or 'homeland' means the United States, in a geographic sense; (2) 'Assets' includes contracts, facilities, property, records, unobligated or unexpended balances of appropriations, and other funds or resources (other than personnel); (3) 'Department' means the Department of Homeland Security; (4) 'Emergency response providers' includes Federal, State, and local government emergency public safety, law enforcement, emergency response, emergency medical, and related personnel, agencies, and authorities; (5) 'Executive agency' means an executive agency and a military department, as defined, respectively, in sections 105 and 102 of title 5, United States Code; (6) 'Functions' includes authorities, powers, rights, privileges, immunities, programs, projects, activities, duties, responsibilities, and obligations; (7) 'Local government' has the meaning given in section 102(6) of the Robert T. Stafford Disaster Relief and Emergency Assistance Act, Pub. L. No. 93-288; (8) 'Major disaster' has the meaning given in section 102(2) of the Robert T. Stafford Disaster Relief and Emergency Assistance Act, Pub. L. No. 93-288; (9) 'Personnel' means officers and employees; (10) 'Secretary' means the Secretary of Homeland Security; and (11) 'United States', when used in a geographic sense, means any State (within the meaning of section 102(4) of the Robert T. Stafford Disaster Relief and Emergency Assistance Act, Pub. L. No. 93-288), any possession of the United States, and any waters within the jurisdiction of the United States.

audio pieces:

President Talks Homeland/Economic Security at Mt. Rushmore Remarks by the President on Homeland Security and the Budget Mount Rushmore, South Dakota




More interesting links related to the project and activism on the net:

An alphabetical list of links of net activist groups
This is a list of websites that related to culture jamming, possible groups that may assist us, links to net projects of a critical nature.
This is a list of censorship sites related to the internet lots of good links here.
Interview with important American autonomist Marxist Harry Cleaver, dealing mostly with the refusal to work as an anti-capitalist resistance strategy
AUT-OP-SY -- The purpose of aut-op-sy is to provide a forum in which to explore the changing nature of class composition and class struggle within the planetary work machine
Office for Domestic Preparedness -- A network of international links and affinity groups to sympathize and work with
Cultural Terrorist Agency
The National League of Cities
critical infrastructure Assurance Office
A media-art critical web group, interesting links and topics

rTMark / YesMen

Luther Blisset and Related Links:

"The best weapon against the myth is to mythicize itself, is to produce an artificial myth: and this reconstituted myth will be a real mythology". - roland barthes
1. Create a fictional identity.
2. Begin the branding process by turning this fictional identity into your domain name.
mark amerika: hot to become internet artist
Interface with Institutions:
The Cultural Loop
a. Work outside the institution
b. Claim that the institution is evil
c. Challenge the institution
d. Subvert the institution
e. Make yourself into an institution
f. Attract the attention of the institution
g. Rethink the institution
h. Work inside the institution
Interface with Corporations: Upgrade Natalie Bookchin, Alexei Shulgin: introduction to

Luther Blisset Manifesto

Luther Blisset - Guy Debord is really dead

Luther Blisset - anarchist hero the summary BBC story

Luther Blisset - Nettime Story



I know that we have been forwarding articles, but I wanted to put this up as a way of tracking some of the more interesting threads, articles, links

From the Voice --

Village Voice Series after 9-11
on Civil Liberties

on War (not as good)

After the Fall (Voice coverage of 9-11)

The Gatekeeper: Watch on the INS: Protecting the Homeland
by Alisa Solomon
Ten Ways to Keep America Safer Without Trampling on Immigrants

The Gatekeeper: Watch on the INS by Alisa Solomon
Detainees Equal Dollars The Rise in Immigrant Incarcerations drives a prison boom August 14 - 20, 2002

The Name Game by Chisun Lee August 14 - 20, 2002

From The Nation --

December 17, 2001 National Security State by David Cole

Homeland Security X 50 by Eve Pell

The Homeland Security Initiative by Bill Berkowitz

From Wired --

Feds Open 'Total' Tech Spy System By Eliot Borin,2100,54342,00.html

Do Dots Connect to Police State? By Farhad Manjoo,2100,53037,00.html

Spying: The American Way of Life? By Declan McCullagh,1283,50964,00.html

Scanning Tech a Blurry Picture By Declan McCullagh and Robert Zarate,1283,50470,00.html

Ashcroft Decries Wiretap Decision Associated Press,1283,54732,00.html

Other News Sources --

Terror Makes All the World a Beat for New York Police

Dissenters on campus singled out by conservative council Professors put on 'list' -- fear 'whiff of McCarthyism'

Related Statement from Trustess and Alumni

A clear and interesting legal paper on War and a state of exception, in other words an interesting legal response to Sept 11 and after.


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