About RadioActive Series:

As you know the focus of our original RadioActive Program
has experienced some static.

The modulations of frequency have only expanded our initial
questions, not limited them.

Among the topics we were originally interested in exploring,
(including the disintegration of civil liberties within the post 9-11
context of the"War on Terror" and "Homeland Security").
we have been directed to highlight some of the more subtle questions
which have been implicit in the project.

Within this context of a "security without end".  Where do cultural
workers and organizations reside?  Is there any struggle necessary?
Where and how are the struggles to be waged?  How can alliances
be set up to encourage collaboration?

What strategies should or should not be used in these struggles?

So Far in the Series

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Reading Group 09.16.02 --the Cultural Bureau and its Discontents

Reading Group 11.04.02 -- Jim Costanzo -- RadioActive Series

Monday Night 07.07.03 -- a Homeland Discussion -- RadioActive Series

Tuesday Night 09.09.03 -- Jack Persekian -- RadioActive Series

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