16:05 Who Stands United?
An audio piece that playfully uses the lyrics and music from the national anthems of the Americas as a way to introduce questions related to nationalism, unity, and the status of "the nation."

Part 1 -- National Anthems:
A book was found in Carracas, Venezuela containing 22 of the national anthems of the Americas. Below you will find a selection from these anthems(you will need to have Real Audio player to listen). The lyrics of the anthems can be heard on the left channel and the music on the right.

(click here to listen to) Argentina
(click here to listen to) Bolivia
(click here to listen to) Brazil
(click here to listen to) Canada
(click here to listen to) Chile
(click here to listen to) Columbia
(click here to listen to) Costa Rica

Part 2 -- Audio Guides for National Anthems:
Using (and commenting on) the format of "audio guides" sometimes distributed in museums, these are audio guides for an audio work. Different in tone and approach, each attempts to introduce the questions outlined in the introduction above.

(click here to listen to) guide 3
(click here to listen to) guide 2
(click here to listen to) guide 2 (german)
(click here to listen to) guide 1

the Artists thank--(in order of audio appearance)

Suhail Shadoud
Benjamin Young
Yates Mckee
Gabi Nagel
Caspar Stracke

as well as

Eva Scharrer
Paige Sarlin
Sally Boon

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