Fourth Encounter
A (surprise) Assembly (in memory of Gustavo Esteva)

Sunday March 20th, 2022
11 AM (EST)

Letter II

Today Sunday March 20th at Noon

A quick follow-up

As we wrote yesterday, we originally thought we would be taking this Sunday off to regather our thoughts and questions. But by habit, some friends wrote to us that they will be joining today.

In short, we decided in the spirit of Gustavo's surprise and friendship, we will meet more spontaneously today at 12pm EST with those who would like to join to share together some reflections from these last weeks and from all the urgencies we continue to feel.

With warmth,

Letter I (Earlier Communiqué)

Dear Friends, Comrades,

Throughout these days we have been corresponding with many of the friends who have joined and contributed to the conversations over the last weeks.

And a proposal was made to take a pause this Sunday, to offer a space to all of us to reflect, to possibly write and to maybe map out all the thoughts, questions we have been sharing but quite possibly not having enough time to reflect upon.

We also hope that we can keep our commitment to our conversations and resume them again next Sunday on March 27th.

We want to use this short space of writing to also mark the passing of Gustavo Esteva, who was by fortune able to join us last Fall, for what was a very special assembly for those who were able to attend. He has given so much toward opening various paths of autonomy, that we can only wish to inherit the same resilient and steadfast spirit to continue on those paths and like him to seek friendship, to allow hope to exist, as its own entity and to be open to the surprises which await us and yet cannot be expected or anticipated.

It is in the most difficult hours, that we most look forward to those moments of being together with friends, even in distance.

with much warmth,


We want to take this chance to also share two texts from two of our guests last week.
We are grateful to Alisa and Ovidiu for sharing them with us.

From Alisa Lozhkina:

From Ovidiu Tichindeleanu