AGM 2004 – On Air/Net

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Date/Time: 26/11/2004 12:00 am

AGM 2004 – On Air/Net
This year ‘AGM 04 – OnAir/Net’ is a radio event in 3 parts broadcasted on air and streamed on internet. Poets, sound artists, musicians and counter-information activists create an environment where various cultural, artistic and performative productions meet, overlap, generate narratives and knowledge for discussion.
WORMradio in Rotterdam / 26.-27.-28. Nov 04 / hr 14:00 / 97.2 FM
www.wormstation.nl / CEST+1:00 GMT
Radio Patapoe in Amsterdam / 08.-09.-10. Dec 04 / hr 10:30
www.freeteam.nl/patapoe / CEST+1:00 GMT
Universitets Radioen Copenhagen / 15.-16.-17. Dec 04 / hr 10.30 / 95.5 FM
Wolgang Mayer and Cristina Gomez Barrio Berlin
neuroTransmitter New York
John Farris and Christopher Hoffman New York
Michael Schultze Münich/Berlin
Boyle Family and the Centre Of Attention London
Wanda Wieczorek Hamburg
Ligna (Torsten Michaelsen/Ole Frahm) Hamburg
Tristan Perich New York
Iben Bentzen and Alfredo Cramerotti Copenhagen/Berlin
e-Xplo (Heimo Lattner, Rene Gabri, Erin McGonigle) Berlin/New York
Part 1 – Rhythmic Dialogues
The first part of ‘AGM OnAir/Net’ is focusing on the dialogue between spoken words and sounds. We explore this relationship through different approaches, from sound-installation to sound experimentation according to science of orgasm, from angry ‘protesting’ poetry-reading to a collage of quotations from suiciditial song texts.
– Simultaneous: separate and together – Sound piece by Mayer/Barrio
– Wilhelm Reich Remix – sound piece by Michael Schultze
– White Paper – poem reading by John Farris/chello by Christopher Hoffman
– Suicide –sound piece by Mayer/Barrio
– Notes by the artists
– Musical accompaniment composed by Tristan Perich
Part 2 – All Frequencies Unrestricted
The second part of AGM OnAir/Net is dedicated at the medium radio itself. We consider two examples of how the radio is becoming a strategic way of ‘active’ communication, not only because it is economically affordable almost to everyone and therefore in spirit with a democratic discourse, but also because it allows and foster audience participation and reaction, and therefore stimulates to a great extent the possibility to share and form alternative worldviews.
– Landscape+Oscilations (excerpt)- by neuroTransmitter
– Scattered Listening – by Wanda Wieczorek
– Notes by the artists
– Musical accompaniment composed by Tristan Perich
Part 3 – Audiography
Three different approaches to psychogeography, or representation of geographies of places and situations. The term of psychogeography and the concept has been largely used, over-used and re-used in the art world through the past four decades. It is not our intention to make a lecture about it but to consider how a geography, also a personal experience of situations, can be mediated through audio material, with field-recorded sounds and narratives from personal histories, first-hand answers from interviews, and casualty imbedded in our daily life.
– ISTAN-BUL – by Alfredo Cramerotti and Iben Bentzen
– London Sound Study – by the Boyle Family
– the Centre Of Attention in London
– Domestic Disturbance: Flight or Fight or Shelter – by e-Xplo
– Notes from the artists
– Musical accompaniment composed by Tristan Perich
AGM is initiated by the collaborative effort of Alfredo Cramerotti and Iben Bentzen, this year with the precious and professional support of: Henk Bakker and the whole team of WORMradio and V2 institute for unstable media in Rotterdam for their support and opportunity to stream live from their studio, Radio Patapoe 97.2 FM Amsterdam and the student volunteers on Universitets Radioen 95.5 FM Copenhagen. Thank you to all the artists involved.
A documentation of ‘AGM 04 – On Air/Net’ will be available from February 2005 at www.annualegenralmeeting.net. You can also find the documentation of last edition
‘AGM 03 performances’ in Trento.
For more info please write to info@annualgeneralmeeting.net. If you wish not to receive information in the future, please reply to this email address with ‘unsubscribe’ as subject line. Thanks.