* Hyphenated Identities in Times of Security Panic * Talk by Visible Collective @Location One

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Date/Time: 12/04/2006 12:00 am

* Hyphenated Identities in Times of Security Panic *
April 12th at 7 PM
D I S A P P E A R E D is an ongoing project by Visible Collective that uses
films, installations, & lectures to trace migration impulses, hyphenated
identities and post-9/11 security panic. The majority of Muslim migrants
detained in recent security hysteria were from the invisible underclass of
cities like New York. They are the recent immigrants who drive our taxis,
deliver our food, clean our restaurant tables, and sell fruit, coffee, and
newspapers. The only time we *see* them is when we glance at the hack license
in the taxi partition, or the ID card around the neck of a vendor. Finally,
when detained they become hyper-visible as *potential terror cells.* This
desire to find *traitors* inside America has a long lineage, from Japanese
American internment to Red Scare to sabotage of Black Radical movements.
Later, when charges are dropped and they are deported, Muslim immigrants
cease to exist in our consciousness.
W.E.B. Dubois’s question is freshly relevant to American Muslims: “How does
it feel to be a problem?”
Visible is an arts-activist project directed by Naeem Mohaiemen. Members
include Anandaroop Roy, Jeeyun Ha, Vivek Bald, Aimara Lin, Sarah Olson, Josh
Nimoy, Aziz Huq, Kristofer Dan-Bergman, Anjali Malhotra, and Donna Golden.
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