TAKING LIBERTIES>The brand new issue ofWorld War 3 illustrated

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Date/Time: 29/09/2003 12:00 am

>From: “K.Pyle”
>The brand new issue of
>World War 3 illustrated
>the longest running zine in history
>in it 24th year of publication
> WW3 release party
> Monday,Sept 29 7:30 pm
>Theater for the New City
>155 1st Ave.
>(between 9th+10th)
>$5 cover
>with multimedia presentations by:
>Peter Kuper
>Kevin Pyle
>Seth Tobocman
>Sabrina Jones
>Mac Mcgill
>Plus late breaking footage from the
>WTO protest in Cancun
>and more!
>At this crossroad in history with preemptive wars,
>the biggest deficit in US history
>and the erosion personal liberties in the name of security,
>the voice of alternative media is more vital than ever.
>Covers by Mirko ILic
>and Micah Ian Wright
>Art Spiegelman (full color inside front cover)
>Eric Drooker (a full color inside back cover)
>articles by
>The New York Surveillance Camera Players on Cameras in the Lower East
>Kate Crane on the Patriot Act
>Eric Laursen on Bush’s war
>and illustration and comics by
>Sue Coe
>Robbie Conal
>Steve Brodner
>Tom Tomorrow
>Ward Sutton
>Seth Tobocman
>Kevin Pyle
>Russell Christian
>Rick Prol
>Pete Friedrich
>Ryan Inzana
>Susan Willmarth
>Christopher Cardinale
>Nichole Schulman
>Peter Kuper
>and many others

gregory g. sholette

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Arts Administration;
Visual, Critical Studies
The School of the Art
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