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Date/Time: 12/09/2004 12:00 am

Sunday, September 12, 2004,
over  forty contemporary artists and Downtown for Democracy will transform 22nd Street  into:
The  Liberty Fair is the latest in a series of events produced by D4D to tap
into the  political, creative and economic clout of the nation’s cultural
community and  this time it’s a party. A decade ago, the western edge of Chelsea  was a rundown warehouse district. Today, galvanized by museums, independent  bookstores, performance spaces, and restaurants, as well as the largest  concentration of galleries and studios anywhere, the neighborhood has become the center of New  York’s  thriving arts scene. Now, for one day only, D4D reinvents the space yet again,  creating a carnival atmosphere where serious political aspirations find  expression in music, games, food and exhibitions both serious and  silly.
The Fair’s  booths, stalls, performances and entertainment put an  
avant-garde spin on New York  City’s famed  street festivals, with shades of Ye Olde Village Fayre, and will  appeal to both art connoisseurs and their kids. There will be cookie  decorating and face painting with some of America’s top artists; t-shirts  and tattoos specially created for the event by more contemporary art stars;  Donkey riding and a kissing booth; a freak show, a confessional, an enormous decadent all-day feast; special cocktails, dancing, tarot cards, palm  reading, makeovers and much more, all presented by your favorite visual artists,  writers, performers, designers and dealers.  Participants include:  
Ricci Albenda,  Aaron/aNYthing, AS FOUR, Andisheh Avini, Ross Bleckner,
Cecily Brown, Larry  Clark, Chivas Clem, Chuck Close, The Condo Family, Will
Cotton, Jessica  Craig-Martin, Clarissa Dalrymple, Tara De Long, Mark Dion, Mary Farley, Yvonne  Force, Andrea Fraser, Felix Gonzalez-Torres, Rachel Harrison, Mary Heilman, Dave  Hill, Jacqueline Humphries, Gary Indiana, Ryan Johnson, Tony Just, Jane  Kaplowitz, Steve Keene, Knight Landesman, Sean Landers, Julian Lethbridge, Brice  & Helen Marden, Malerie Marder, Adam McEwen, Joe McGinty and Friends, Sophy  Naess, Camilla Nickerson, Erik Parker, Laura Parnes, Dale Peck, Elizabeth  Peyton, Paul Pfeiffer, Richard Phillips, Steve Powers (aka ESPO), Rob Pruitt,  Laura Owens, Blake Rayne, Matthew Ritchie, Alexis Rockman, Ed Ruscha, Amy  Sillman, Dana Schutz, Guy Richards Smit, Andrew Smith, Zak Smith, Philip Taaffe,  Kara Walker, Lawrence Weiner, Terry Winters, and many  more.
Friedrich  Petzel Gallery, at 535 West  22nd Street, will house  The Kid
Convention, which will feature entertainment, crafts,  and games–in a space
festooned with balloons, flags, pins and banners–by and  for kids.  
Downtown  for Democracy is a political action committee founded by
practitioners and  professionals in all the creative media: the arts, music, theater, film,  publishing, fashion, and advertising. D4D taps the connection between progressive politics and cultural production, reminding us that political action  requires more than manipulating statistics and playing the demographics. It  requires an inventive, progressive vision that, instead of playing on the electorate’s fears, taps into its many and varied strengths. As our city and nation enter the fourth year since the terrorist attacks of 2001, the Liberty Fair serves as yet another reminder of the positive values on which America was founded, and of the generosity and conviviality that form the heart of its character.        
The organizing  committee for the LIBERTY FAIR is: Bronwyn Keenan, Cecily
Brown, Tanya Bonakdar,  Jessica Craig-Martin, Corinna Durland, Jessie
Washburne-Harris, Mirabelle  Marden, Melissa Bent.
For further  information go to _www.downtownfordemocracy.org_
(http://www.downtownfordemocracy.org/) .