Sally — Madrid — Red and Empty 2 — 03.14.04

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Yesterday we spent from 18.00 to 3am in the streets, at last alternative,
Spontaneous demonstrations took place criticizing the government’s cynical and
Fascist manipulation of the events.
They even changed the TV programme last minute and showed a movie about ETA
Victims…. and they didn’t show one scene of the massive amount of people in
The streets until 3.am. the best thing is that after all they have lied these
days they said in TV that the gatherings were illegal and anti-democratic
and that the elections “could” be suspended.( i liked the slogans -chants
that people made up constantly as we heard from friends what was happening
on TV. like “lo que siente el pueblo no es illegal” -what the people feel is
not illegal, or “nosotros lo dijimos, no a la guerra we already warned you:
no to the war”) anyway we suspect that if the pp -partido popular,
conservative party now in power- don´t win they will claim they were
this is amazing, really, like Franco times all over again.
thank goodness we have cell phones and internet!!
today the sun in shining again and we are going to vote.
see you in mars,
a terrible sadness has taken over the city
mixed with great anger and frustration about both the terrible act itself
and the political manipulation: we have general elections tomorrow and the
government (plus the main TV channels, all controlled by the government) are
doing everything possible, in a very fascist manner, to cover the fact it
could have been al quaeda or an Islamic terrorist group.
If they can prove or try to make the general public think it was ETA they
have chance of winning tomorrow by absolute majority, but if it´s clear that
it was al quaeda, obviously it has to do with their absolute support of bush
and the Iraq war and they could loose….
ETA has officially said it wasn´t them but in TV you only see “experts” of
all fields that go on and on about ETA and their history. Total confusion
and covering of information until monday.
So in the middle of the mourning and the news of friends of friends or
families who have lost loved ones or suffer from terrible wounds and
amputations (i will not give examples, the TV constantly covers al gory
details….but i can assure we are devastated hearing what people are going
through) we have to bear the political manipulation of this disaster.
i feel incredibly tired and pessimistic. i cannot concentrate on my work.
it´s like the 9-11 all over again, once more in another city i live in and
so near friends and family. however much one understands what is happening
rationally and politically it´s impossible to take it in
emotionally. but i´m very lucky no one i know directly was affected.
yesterday we were out in the pouring rain, after days of sun even the sky
was crying. we would have liked to attend an alternative demonstration
rather than the official government one with aznar, the royal prince,
infantas, and Berlusconi heading it, with a banner that said “against
terrorism and for the constituion”. but there was none – there was one in
the Basque country but it probably wouldn’t have been allowed here- so we
were in the streets milling around without following that stupid banner.
when will these politicians realize that violence, stupidity and greed only
create more of the same? what does this f. “fight against terrorism mean?
can one of these men in dark suits explain it to me?
because it seems to me that 9-11 has meant the beginning of a third world war, a
new mode of war in which instead of the “privileged”, rich countries using
their self proclaimed intelligence, culture, sophistication, democratic
principles, human rights & capacity of dialogue to try and help resolve the
injustice and conflicts which we are mostly responsible for, we are doing
everything possible to perpetuate hate, selfishness, intolerance and making
this spiral of violence escalate to an inhuman scale. is this so hard to
see? shall we emigrate to mars -water or not?- or is that red and empty
planet what we are heading for?
thanks for your messages, phone calls and sms,
they make a difference.