Society of the Friends of the Virus — Volume 2

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Society of the Friends of the Virus Vol. 2 — 04.03.20

1. Short Note
2. Society of the Friends of the Virus

1. Short Note

There are currently many “streams” meant to capture our attention. And within that barrage, art is treated as some kind of entertainment complex to cure us of our solitude and self-isolation and create a sense of community.

However, there is no community without the solitude which creates the exigency for it. Among other things, 16 Beaver emerged out of solitude and the recognition of a social distancing that is structural and encoded in ‘professions.’ In the ‘professional’ context, friendship takes on a purely instrumental function, losing its affective and political character.

To destitute the professional in each of us and seek friends, overcoming all the barriers and processes which have robbed us of this necessity, could be the onto-genesis of something like 16 Beaver, whatever the address, whichever the place.

Thus, the destitution of ‘professions’ is also the process of reclaiming the sense and political character of whatever we do and undo.

We share below the second volume of some writings assembled by friends of the space.

As they have written to us:

“The disaster is not the virus, but the virus clearly exposes the disastrous state of things we have been living. When infrastructures that purport to sustain and support life are oriented toward the accumulation of state power, production, capital, all kinds of mutilations in the social fabric emerge. The virus is not the cause of the cuts, it merely exposes them.”

2. Society of the Friends of the Virus

Volume 2

Volume 2 Supplement – Perspectives