[Open Call] — Land(e)scaping#7 – Refractions

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Date/Time: 01/06/2006 12:00 am

Land(e)scaping#7 – Refractions
The Middle East
Refraction: The turning or bending of any wave, such as a light or sound wave, when
it passes from one medium into another of different optical density.
It is my intention to curate and participate in an exhibition which will take
place on a monitor. To be precise, this is not a catalog of an exhibition, but
in fact an exhibition which will only exist within a DVD and will be shown on a
The idea is to create an immediate connection with the spectator of the art
works, and an intimacy that can be achieved by sitting in front of a monitor
and creating a personal space (possibly along with individual headphones),
rather than standing more passively in front of the artworks.
The format of the DVD makes an interesting and somewhat unusual space for an
exhibition and can challenge also because of the restrictions that it presents
the artist with (size, medium, techniques and so on). Yet in this case, the
space for the exhibition coexists with the theme and enhances the possible
discourse even further.
Creating this restrained space sits well with the subject suggested for the
exhibition – representations of landscapes, studies of territories, the
sculpting of a view and so on. The fine line between our imagination and what
is reality comes to be seen also in this link, between the wish not to lose
what was natural (i.e. of nature) around us, and the wish to be in possession
and control of it. These actions push us to create more of, or to copy nature’s
organic forms, or after destroying the realm to bulild a new and “better”
reality. Thus transforming what was natural into sometimes artificial, man-made
instead of self-made and independent. The title of the exhibition also proposes
an escape from a “Land”, and allows an alternative sculpting of a new view that
is unique, as well as allowing different ways of viewing our surroundings to
coexist as suggested in the term refraction. I keep in mind the fact that many
artists learn to live without roots, we adapt and sculpt our way in our
environments and settings.
The exhibition is an ongoing theme since 2002 which now unites the issues which
have been central to my artwork, with those of other artists that live close
by, and share a desire to exhibit art which does not depend on a time or a
space. This is a project with no borders, it can be shown anywhere and it is
made to be shared effortlessly. With the purpose of leaving a sense of fluidity
and freedom, and widening the scope of the possibilities as well as our
perspectives, I have decided to leave the definition of “Middle East” more open
and not to fully obey the terms which (usually) airlines have set for us. Thus
allowing artists from Afghanistan, Tajikistan, Turkey, Cyprus, Western Pakistan
or other countries, which are not always grouped in the countries that are part
of the Middle East to be incorporated this time.
This exhibition is an expansion of Land(e)scaping #1 through #6 which have been
shown in NY, Albania, Argentina, Mexico, Israel, and next in Switzerland, and Peru.
Email for sending proposals: landescaping7@gmail.com
* The email should include: text accompanying the work; 1-5 images; artist resume.
Deadline entries: September first, 2006 (01.09.06)
Media: There is no restriction on media.
* If you want to propose a video piece, the max duration is 2 min. Please send first
5 still images from the video and later I will provide an address to send the video
Replies will be sent by: October 15th, 2006 (15.10.06)
*Originally this project was generated to include artists living only in the region
of the Middle East, but I have received requests from artists who had moved or
relocated from this area, to incorporate their works as well. So the project, like a
seed, got a life of its own and it is now open to artists from this region,
regardless of their actual geographical location.
Yael Lepek, May 2006.