Operation How, Now, Wow:
an international festival of dissent

Schedule of Events taking place in New York City & Online

0. Overview of weekend
1. Friday April 25
2. Saturday April 26
3. Sunday April 27
4. Monday April 28
5. Details about Events
6. Web Based Projects
7. Key Locations

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All events are free unless otherwise noted

0. Overview of Weekend:

Friday April 25
12:00-2:00 -- Lunchtime at 16Beaver
2:00-5:00 -- Public Projects
7:00-9:00 -- Video/Media Forum at 16Beaver

Saturday April 26
12:00-6:00 -- Public Art Projects + Amsterdam media project at 16Beaver
6:30-9:00 -- "Their Plan vs. Our Plan" panel @ 56 Walker St.
(with Marth Rosler, Nina Felshin, Bill Talen, AKA Reverend Billy, C. Clark Kissinger, Stephen Duncombe moderated by Ayreen Anastas & Rene Gabri)
8:00-10:00 -- Opening "Art During Wartime" @ 21 Mercer St. 3rd floor
10:00-2:00 -- "Wow" a party at 16Beaver

Sunday April 27
1:00-4:00 -- Public Art Projects in Financial District meet at 16Beaver
5:00-9:00 -- Screening -- 'The Dupes', 'dial H-I-S-T-O-R-Y', 'Everything & Nothing' at  16Beaver

Monday April 28
7:00-9:30 -- Monday Night Video Screening 'War & Peace' at 16Beaver


1. Friday, April 25, 2003:

12:00pm - 2:00pm -- Lunchtime event at 16Beaver with Istvan Szilasi
"The Iraqi National Museum Project" See Details for more Information
(Location: 16Beaver Street 5th Floor)

2:00pm - 5:00pm -- Public Art project w/ Andrew Demirjian See Details
(Location: Metropolitan Museum of Art in Public Space)

7:00pm - 9:00pm -- Evening Video Forum at 16Beaver, 7pm
(Location: 16Beaver Street 5th Floor -- Free & Open to Public)

Forum: Artists Respond to the Media Coverage of War in Iraq, Elsewhere

It was reported that on Thursday March 20th 2003, one day after the war
offically started on Iraq, and more notably one day before the much
advertised "Shock and Awe" bombing campaign had begun, the highest rated
program in the US was a rerun of the popular sitcom ?Friends?.

If television is often the place for people?s escapism and pleasure, then
one simple conclusion is that the news portraying the war must also
compete on this level, of entertainment, fantasy, spectacle, etc..
Clearly this is a more straightforward analysis of one relation of
"culture" or "cultural production" to the war against Iraq or the "war on
terror" or "war"  One that relates to spectacle, entertainment, shock and
awe, the sublime.

If the first Gulf War signalled the dawn of what Paul Virilio has referred
to as the Fourth Front, the orbital front, what can be said of this war?
What aspects of this Fourth Front were more formulated, more menacing,
more dangerous, more violent?  What new questions were raised and what
older questions remain?

And so it is with questions that we enter this evening?s forum, part
discussion, part presentation, part event, the format will be the

An invited group of participants are asked to
bring in 1-5 minutes of video or audio material relating directly or
indirectly with the media?s covergage of the war on Iraq.  Each
participant will be asked to give a brief introduction or statement about
the material and why it was selected.  After the artists are all finished
a discussion and q&a will ensue with all attending parties.

Participants Include:
Ayreen Anastas, François Bucher, Paul Chan
Jim Costanzo, Rene Gabri, Lasse Lau
Yates McKee, John Menick, Ulrike Muller

2. Saturday April 26, 2003

12:00pm - 6:00pm -- Public Art Projects / Actions in Financial District +
Media Jam, web based works, socializing space at 16Beaver

scheduled to take place at 16Beaver will go as scheduled)

For several of the projects visitors are encouraged to participate, for
example, for the neuroTransmitter action which will take place on Sunday
(2-3) if there is rain, individuals are encouraged to bring a portable
am/fm radio. Some of these participants may be working on Sunday, see
Details for more info specific project descriptions.
(Location: Financial District, with tours from 16Beaver Street, 5th Floor)

Participants include:
Anatomic, Andrew Demirjian, Ania Soliman, Anita Di Bianco
Annie Varnot, Ayreen & Rene, Daniel Vatsky, Deidre Hoguet,
François Bucher, GeoffGDAM, Isabelle Jeniches, Istvan Szilasi,
Jacob Robinette, Jim Costanzo, Michael Rakowitz, neuroTransmitter
(Angel Nevarez & Valerie Tevere), Perry Bard, Sarah Reisman

6:30pm - 9:00pm -- Panel -- "Their Plan vs. Our Plan"
(Panelists: Martha Rosler, Nina Felshin, Bill Talen, AKA Reverend Billy,
C. Clark Kissinger, Stephen Duncombe, moderated by Ayreen Anastas & Rene Gabri)
(Location: 56 Walker Street, Between Broadway and Church)

Panel -- What plans/strategies are needed to counter the current political tides

Although within the media, the wars seem to borrow a narrative structure
of a beginning, middle, and end, one can also relate to the latest events
in Iraq, the ongoing events unfolding in Afghanistan, the continuous
policy of targetting and violating civil liberties, etc., as a part of a
larger plan,  with a more expansive timeline, a more distant horizon.

Thus, the recent bombing and incursions into Iraq can be seen, more within
the framework of a plan, sometimes more, sometimes less visible, more or
less represented, with greater or lesser instensities, with more or less
overt motivations, goals.  We can say this plan is open or closed, we can
link it to one organization like the goals laid out by the Project for the
New American Century (see http://www.newamericancentury.org/ )  or we can
be open to the possibility of multiple, overlapping plans, agendas,
working with and against one another.

The question, our question comes back to this idea of plans, strategies
with long term implications, goals.  Must the Left, or the opposition also
formulate its own plan?  How is culture implicated within their plan?  How
will it be implicated within our?s?  How can or are small ?pockets of
resistance? forming a cohesive front?


Martha Rosler works in video, photo-text, installation, and performance,
and writes criticism. She has lectured extensively nationally and
internationally. Her work in the public sphere ranges from everyday life ?
often with an eye to women's experience ? and the media to architecture
and the built environment.

She has published several books of photographs, texts, and commentary on
public space, ranging from airports and roads to housing and homelessness.
Her work has been seen in the "Documenta" exhibition in Kassel, Germany;
several Whitney biennials; the Institute of Contemporary Art in London;
the Museum of Modern Art in New York; the Dia Center for the Arts in New
York; and many other international venues.

Nina Felshin is a longtime activist in the art world. Through her many
writings and exhibitions, she has argued that thinking about things visual
and developing an ethical and moral stance in social and political life
are not just compatible but necessary.

Felshin's past exhibitions include Embedded Metaphor, Black and Blue:
Examining Police Violence,  Beyond Glory: Re-Presenting Terrorism and Good
Morning, America, an exhibition that examines the threat of endless war
and domestic repression. Her most recent work, now on view at Wesleyan, is
Tainted Landscapes and exhibition exploring the impact of culture on the
natural environment. She is the editor of But Is It Art?: The Spirit of
Art as Activism and the author of numerous articles and catalog essays.
She also teaches a course on contemporary art in the art and art history
department at Wesleyan.

Reverend Billy, a k a Bill Talen
, minister of the Church of Stop Shopping,
was born in Minnesota in 1950, he was brought up in a Dutch Calvinist
tradition that he rejected at 16. After graduating from Franconia College
in New Hampshire and occasionally taking part in antiwar and civil rights
protests, he moved to San Francisco and became a performer, employing
storytelling routines that incorporated music and poetry.

In 1997, Mr. Talen began preaching on the sidewalk outside the Times
Square Disney Store, eventually conducting "preach-ins" and political
"actions" inside the store, which led to several arrests. (The store
closed earlier this month for construction of an office tower on the
site.) He has also been preaching 90-second sermons on National Public
Radio's "Morning Edition" program and performing solo plays, directed by
Tony Torn, David Ford and Vanessa Klimek, at various small theaters around

During the last year, however, he has become something of a lightning rod
for the creative and political aspirations of a growing number of other
theater artists and community groups.

As National Secretary of Students for a Democratic Society (SDS), Clark
was the principal organizer of the first March on Washington
against the War on Vietnam in April of 1965. His antiwar activities have
continued down to today where he was a co-author of the Not In Our Name
statement of conscience against war and repression. Clark is a
contributing writer to the Revolutionary Worker newspaper, and is a member
of the Executive Committee of Refuse & Resist! Clark's commentaries on
Bush's "war on the world" policy have been widely read.

Stephen Duncombe
teaches the history and politics of media and culture at
the Gallatin School of New York University. A former regular contributor
to The Baffler, he is the author of Notes from Underground: Zines and the
Politics of Alternative Culture and the editor of the Cultural Resistance
Reader, both from Verso. Duncombe is also a life-long political activist,
most recently with the Lower East Side Collective, Reclaim the
Streets/NYC, and Mobilize-NY.

8:00pm - 10:00pm -- Exhibition Opening -- "Art During Wartime"

"Art During Wartime" is an impassioned and rapid gathering of artists,
eager to reflect on and change this moment in history.  It is an
un-curated collective coming together with each artist taking
responsibility for bringing work that speaks to the times.
(Location: IT Space, 21 Mercer St, 3rd Fl, Between Canal & Broom)

Growing List of Participants Includes:
David Adamo, Carole Ashley, Perry Bard, Beckett Bowes, Donna Cameron, Jim
Costanzo, Emilio Cruz, Sheila Levrant de Bretteville, Donelle Estey, Johan
Grimonprez, Nadja Groux. Guerilla Girls. Rebecca Hackerman. Anitra
Haendel. Robin Holder. Pamela Hovland, Jerry Kerns, Joyce Kozloff, Marc
Lepson, Robyn Love, Tereza Mazur, Matt McGuinness, Arnold Mesches, Ann
Messner, Calos Motta, Jenny Polak, Mikhaela Reid, Dread Scott, Peter
Scott, Jessica Segall, Greg Sholette, Jose Urbach, Kevin Walz

10:00pm - 2:00am -- "Wow" a party at 16Beaver
(Location: 16Beaver, 16 Beaver Street, 5th Fl, Between Canal & Broom)
please bring drinks with you

Music.Video mix:
Paul Clay
Angel Nevarez

3. Sunday April 27, 2003

1:00pm - 4:30pm -- neuroTransmitter radio event, S.I. Ferry Trip Action,
New York Oil Party Ceremony, Visual Glossary Project + Others Actions

All of the projects taking place on Sunday invite audience participation.
Please bring along a portable am/fm radio
(Departing from or near: 16Beaver, 16 Beaver Street, 5th Fl, Between
Broadway & Broad)

5:00pm-9:00pm -- Screenings at 16Beaver

Dupes, The [Al Makhdu'un]
Directed by: Tawfik Saleh
Time: 107 minutes
Year: 1972 (VHS)
Language: Arabic with English Subtitles

The Dupes , a stark black and white film, traces the destinies of three
Palestinian refugees brought together by dispossession, despair and hope
for a better future. The setting is Iraq in the 1950's and the
protagonists, concealed in the steel tank of a truck, are trying to make
their way across the border into Kuwait, the "promised land."  A masterful
adaptation of Ghassan Kanafani's acclaimed novella, Men Under the Sun ,The
Dupes is also one of the first Arab films to address the Palestinian

dial H-I-S-T-O-R-Y (1997)
Directed by: Johan Grimonprez
Time: 68 minutes
Year: 1997 (2003 DVD)
Language: English

Buckle up for dial H-I-S-T-O-R-Y, the acclaimed hijacking documentary that
eerily foreshadowed 9-11. We meet the romantic skyjackers who fought their
revolutions and won airtime on the passenger planes of the 1960?s. By the
1990s, such characters apparently are no more, replaced on our TV screens
by stories of state-sponsored suitcase bombs. Director Johan Grimonprez
investigates the politics behind this change, at the same time unwrapping
our own complicity in the urge for ultimate disaster.  Playing on Don
DeLillo's riff in the novel MAO II: "what terrorists gain, novelists lose"
and "home is a failed idea", he blends archive hijackings with surreal and
banal themes including fast food, pet statistics, disco and his quirky
home movies. David Shea wrote the superb soundtrack to this roller coaster
through history, best described in the words of one hijacked Pepsi
executive as: "running the gamut of many emotions: from surprise to shock,
to fear, to joy, to laughter and then again, fear."

if you would like to read more about the film:

click here to read interview withHans Ulrich Obrist
click here to read parkett interview
click here to full descriptions

everything and nothing, part 1 from the continuous tape, "untitled"
Directed by: Jayce Salloum
Time: 41 minutes
Year: 2001 (VHS)
Language: Arabic with English Subtitles

An intimate dialogue that weaves back and forth between representations of
a figure (of resistance) and subject with, *Soha Bechara ex-Lebanese
National Resistance fighter in her Paris dorm room taped (during the last
year of the Israeli occupation) one year after her release from captivity
in El-Khiam torture and interrogation centre (S. Lebanon) where she had
been detained for 10 years, 6 years in isolation. Revising notions of
resistance, survival and will, recounting to death, separation and
closeness; the overexposed image and body of a surviving martyr speaking
quietly and directly into the camera juxtaposed against her self and
image, not speaking of the torture but of the distance between the subject
and the loss, of what is left behind and what remains.

http://www.111101.net/Artworks/JayceSalloum/ http://www.vdb.org/smackn.acgi$artistdetail?SALLOUMJ http://www.civilisations.ca/cultur/cespays/images/pay2_20p5.jpg http://www.argosarts.org/exhibition-salloum.html http://www.lot.at/politics/contributions/s_jayce1.htm http://www.wwvf.nl/2001/0newarabvideo.htm


4. Monday April 28, 2003

Monday Night at 16Beaver Video Screening

Monday Night -- 04.28.03 -- Screening + Streaming Event

the marathon of events

a. Screening of Anand Patwardhan's
Jang Aur Aman [War and Peace]

b. Francois Bucher's "Television
(an address)" with Keith Sanborn

Please also note that Bucher's
project is a streamed event,
so it will be accessible to
anyone with a DSL, cable, T1
connection + quicktime.

more details below


1. About this Monday
2. Details for Jang Aur Aman [War and Peace]
3. Details for "Television (an address)"


1. About This Monday

What: Screening + Streamed Event
When: 7:00pm - 10:00pm
Where: 16 Beaver Street

First off we would like to thank, Francois Bucher, Anand Patwardhan, and Keith Sanborn for making what is the last night of Operation How, Now, Wow into what looks to be a very special evening.

We will begin the evening by screening, "War and Peace".  Since the film is broken up in chapters, we will stop for an intermission near 9:00pm, at that time we will project a live stream of Keith Sanborn addressing television.news.

For those of you who will not be able to attend, but are interested in joining the live stream online, please see details below.

2. Details for Jang Aur Aman [War and Peace]

War and Peace [Jang Aur Aman]
Directed by: Anand Patwardhan
Time: 148 minutes
Year: 2001 (VHS)
Language: English

Filmed over three tumultuous years in India, Pakistan, Japan and the
United States, after the 1998 nuclear tests on the Indian sub-continent, WAR AND PEACE is the long awaited new film by India's leading documentary filmmaker, Anand Patwardhan.  It documents the current, epic journey of peace activism in the face of global militarism and war.

Divided into six chapters, the film is framed by the murder of Mahatma Gandhi in 1948.  This act of violence was so profound, its portent and poignancy remain undiminished 50 years later. As a child filmmaker Patwardhan was immersed in the non-violent Gandhian movement.  Because of this he, in WAR AND PEACE, examines India's trajectory towards naked militarism with sorrow, although along the way the film captures joyful stories of courage and resistance.

Amongst these chapters is a visit to the "enemy country" of Pakistan, where, contrary to expectations, Indian delegates are showered by affection, not only by their Pakistani counterparts in the peace movement, but by ordinary citizens who declare without caution that "hate is the creation of politicians."

WAR AND PEACE examines not merely the militarization of India, but analyzes the human cost that is extracted from its citizens in the name of 'National Security.' From the plight of residents living near the nuclear test site, and the horrendous effects of uranium mining on local indigenous populations, it becomes clear that, contrary to a myth first created in the U.S., there is no such thing as the "peaceful Atom." Scientific research has been hijacked by the war machine, only a handful of practitioners remind us of its potential to fulfill the genuine needs of the people.

Going beyond the story of South Asia, WAR AND PEACE follows the extraordinary visit of Japanese Atom Bomb survivors after the Indian and Pakistani nuclear tests. Their visit becomes the impetus for a re-examination of events that led to the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Were these bombs necessary? American historians who recently curated an exhibit about this issue for the Smithsonian Museum in Washington DC were amazed to find their voices suppressed.

WAR AND PEACE slips seamlessly from its analysis of homemade jingoism to focus on how an aggressive United States has become a Foreign Relations role model. The unofficial U.S. doctrine of 'Might Makes Right' is only too well absorbed and emulated by aspiring Third World elites.

As we enter the 21st century, enemies are being re-invented, economies are inextricably tied to the production and sale of weapons, and in the moral wastelands of the world, war has become perennial.  Memories of Gandhi seem like a mirage that never was, created by our thirst for peace and our very distance from it.

"The film itself is a tour de force, beautifully shot and often darkly funny and much more riveting than the dry subject matter might suggest."
- Duncan Campbell, The Guardian
"We should listen to our voices of dissent for our own sake and for that of
our children and their children.  WAR AND PEACE is that voice's most
eloquent expression.  Which is why it should be seen by everyone everywhere.
In schools, in colleges, in factories, on television.  Urgently and often."
- The Times of India
"Perhaps the most important film in this year's Berlin Film Festival." -

3. Details for "Television (an address)"

Monday 28th April at 9:00 pm EST (New York)
Keith Sanborn addresses the news.

About this Project

A guest is invited to sit in front of a television holding a live microphone
in one hand and a remote control to shift through the News Channels in the
other.  What appears on the TV monitor is streamed alongside the voice of
the guest who is addressing the news that he/she is watching live. An
archive will be created online (web address to be determined) and a
compilation will be eventually edited from the most significant moments of
each session.

About this week's guest

Keith Sanborn is a media artist and theorist based in New York. His work has
been included in the Whitney Biennial twice, numerous one person shows and
festivals such as OVNI (Barcelona), The Rotterdam International Film
Festival, Hong Kong Videotage, and Ostranenie (Dessau). His theoretical work
has appeared in exhibition catalogues published by MOMA, (New York), Exit
Art (New York), and the San Francisco Cinematheque among others. He has
translated the work of Guy Debord, René Viénet, Gil Wolman, and Georges
Bataille.  Some of his articles and interviews can be found at


Please drag the attached icon to your desktop. Tonight's stream will be suitable only for high speed connections (DSL, Cable, T1, etc..).  You may need to download Quicktime 6.1.1 at http://www.apple.com/quicktime/download/ (itsfree). Once you have Quicktime, click on the icon at any time after 12pm on Monday the 28th to confirm that you are receiving the stream.  If you still can't get the stream go to "quicktime preferences" under "preferences", then click on "connection", then "transport setup", then choose http as your transfer protocol. Once the player buffers you should be able to see an image. If you lose the signal please close the player and open a new one. If you have problems write an email back and we will try to work it out. Once you know the stream is being received by your computer close the player and click again at:

The link to the live stream and instructions for setting
QuickTime player are also available on:


The project is still in its testing period.
This project has been developed in collaboration with Drazen Pantic.

5. Details for Projects

1. neuroTransmitter: Somewhere between capital and history  
2. Isabelle, Jacob, Ania, Anita ++: jamming the media at 16Beaver
3. Istvan Szilasi: The Iraqi National Museum Project ? Istvan
4. Perry Bard: Operation Marmalade
5. Jim Costanzo: three projects
6. Deidre Hoguet: Visual Glossary
7. Ay-Cr-Fr-Re: Staten Island Ferry Action
8. Art During Wartime Exhibition? 21 Mercer, 3rd fl
9. Stop Deportation NOW! --  Union Square

1. neuroTransmitter: Somewhere between capital and history  

At / Around 16 Beaver St.

Dear Friends,

neuroTransmitter will be performing on Saturday (info
below), and we?re specifically requesting your help.
In order to create stereophonic sound, we need a group
of people to join us with radios between 2-3pm in
Bowling Green Park. Please let us know if you?ll be
available to participate.


What: "Somwhere between capital and history"
       a radio allegory.
Where: Bowling Green Park, NYC
      (6 train to bowling green)
When: 2-3pm  (Sunday is Rain Day)
Specs: bring a potable radio

Please join neuroTransmitter for a radio performance
on Saturday April 26th from 2-3pm (Sunday is Rain Day)
 at Bowling Green  Park in Lower Manhattan. The sound
transmission links location with the economic and political
forces that  motivate history, commerce, and the present

In order to stereophonically project the radio
program, we ask that you bring a battery powered
transistor, portable radio, boom box, or walkman.

See you on Saturday! (or Sunday)

neuroTransmitter - (nT) works specifically with radio
machinations propelling signals through urban
membranes and cellular formations. To complement their
fixed and mobile frequency performances, nT converts
utilitarian objects into radio transmission and
receiving devices.
?Somewhere between capital and history??  is part of
Operation How, Now, Wow, an international festival of
dissent, April 25-27, 2003.

2. jamming the media at 16Beaver

At 16 Beaver St. 5th Floor

Participants Include:
Anita Di Bianco
Isabelle Jeniches
Jacob Robinette
Ania Soliman
Daniel Vatsky

1. open audio and video jam connected to 23+1

--- this is tricky, can we link to 23+1? ---

2.  "Overload of visual stimulation! We have lost contact
with meaning of images. We must regain a point of view
through ACTION.

In Amsterdam a group of artists (Anatomic) goes through 23 hours
of TRANSFORMATION of media, against any war, and any
propaganda, to regain control of our sensitive self
and rebalance our creative one. Plus one hour of
silence, to purify."

to help fill up the media vault, join the open
connected jam in NYC!

Multi-user live video synthesis: bring your protest
march video footage or create content on the fly.
bring video gear and VGA / RBG / S-Video / Composite
cables to join in.
Multi-user audio jam: perform your angry songs, let
those sound bites bite. bring portable electronics and
matched 1/4" cables to join.

3. The Iraqi National Museum Project ? Istvan

At 16 Beaver St. 5th Floor

This proposed  installation at 16beavergroup is an attempt to organize
  an  art show of the same title . The concept for the installation
refers to the well-publicized fact that the Irqi National Museum was
looted (disabled as an cultural institution) as a result of the war.
The destruction of the museum is posited here as a metaphor for the war
itself , which calls into question the aesthetics  of the media's
representation of the same war.

The project refers  to the state of the museum in the present , an empty
space waiting to be reorganized. The I. N. M.P. appropriates the name of
the museum to generate contemporary art  in New York City .

The installation will include:
1, A laptop  wil be set up with the  search term  Iraqi National Museum in Google.
Simultananeously the pages of the search result are projected in the
main area.
2, In the main space will be a  large open container  with the title:
Iraqi National Museum Project and a sign rading in English and Arabic:
Any artifacts submitted to the  I. N. M. P.  will be accepted here, No
Questions Asked!
(the idea for the I.N.M. P. collection bin was suggested by David
Robinson  and was the first step in the development of this project)

4. Operation Marmalade

At 16 Beaver St. 5th Floor

Dear Operation How Now Wow

I'd like to present Operation Marmalade, a cooking performance, in conjunction with your event April 26.
A brief explanation is below

Operation Marmalade : Relieving Cultural Indigestion Through Strategic Cuisine

Marmalade is a collaboration of cultures. Arabs in the south of Spain grew Seville oranges for the medicinal properties of their skin. Spain shipped those oranges to the UK where James Keillor, a grocer in  Dundee Scotland bought a bargain load which he was unable to sell because of their bitter taste. His wife chopped them up skin included and made preserves which she called marmalade. This product identified by the strips of peel in the jam, is now appreciated worldwide, the astringent in the skin is said to help digestion. Operation Marmalade is the first phase in recuperating the equilibrium necessary to be a global community.

I will make marmalade using a camping stove, and toast if I have access to an outlet. Otherwise I?ll use the variety of breads that celebrates the cultural diversity of New York. I'll be decorated with info promoting cultural collaboration and will present a platform for sustaining the operation. The jars that have already been prepared for Bush and the 21 members of his cabinet will be on display.

Materials: Cooking (camping stove, pot, wooden spoon, knife, toaster, oranges, sugar, bread) and Graphics (signs, labels).
Preparation: Military. Polishing the weapons (wooden spoon and pot)

Service: Eloquent and Flourishing

Perry Bard

5. Jim Costanzo : three projects

Around 16 Beaver St. -- Sun. Apr.27 2003

I plan to do 3 actions with the exact times and locations will be
determined later.

1. Stenciling Project
2. Charades, a game
3. New York Oil Party

1. STENCILS: the stencils will be done at night starting this Friday and
continue through the weekend of the April 27. Stenciling is an illegal, so
this project is an act of Civil Disobedience. People can either act as a
lookout for police and minimize their involvement or they can take part in
act of stenciling. My plan is to go to the neighborhoods of those who
contact me to stencil, hopefully this will extend the work
throughout the city. People interested in stenciling should email me.
Additional sets of stencils are available for those who feel ambitious.

links to stencils:


2. CHARADES: Sunday a game of Charades will be played on the steps of the
original Federal Building across the street from the New York Stock
Exchange. Under the statue of George Washington a sign will be placed
announcing the game. Passers by can choose to  act out phrases from cards.
Among the phrases presented will be ?Diplomacy?, ?Shock &  Awe? ?Freedom,
Peace and Liberty?, ?Smart Bomb?, ?Free Market Economy?, ?Operation
Liberate Iraq?, ?MOAB?mother other of all bombs?, ?Embedded Media?, and
?The  Advantages of a Free Market Economy?.

Participants will be video taped.

3.The New York Oil Party

The New York Oil Party

Inspired by the Revolutionary Patriotism of the Boston Tea Party, We
propose that
Today?s Patriots Rebel against America?s Dependence on Oil and the
Political Power exerted by the Oil, Energy, and Transportation Industries.

By breaking the Strangle Hold that Corporate Capitalism exerts over Our
Economy, We can create a New Age of Peace and Prosperity based on American
Ingenuity and Know How.  Instead of subsidizing The Energy and
Transportation Industries and their Bankers, America should Invest in
Environmentally Clean and Sustainable Technologies.

This strategy will Reward Innovation, Strengthen Our Spirit of Freedom and
Independence while rekindling the Principles upon which this Country was
Founded.  We must seek our Independence from the Conservative Corporate
Capitalists who have Legalized Bribery and Fraud by Buying our
Politicians, Television Networks, Newspapers and Magazines.

The Conservatives have always undermined the best of what America could
be!  Starting with Slavery, the Conservative Philosophy has asserted that
Property Rights supersede Human Rights.  Today International Corporate
Capitalism puts this Theory to practice by Creating Sweat Shops in
Developing Countries that have Children working for Slave wages.  At Home
the Gap in Income between the Rich and the Rest of Society continues to
Grow as cuts are made in Education, Health Care, and Social Security.

By Dumping a Biodegradable, Organic Compound into the Hudson Bay, We
reassert our Rights as Americans!  Our Founding Fathers were Patriots
Inspired by the Progressive, Secular Humanist Philosophy of the
Enlightenment.  Freedom of Speech, Separation of Church & State, Due
Process of Law, and the Balance of Power between the Executive,
Legislative and Judicial Branches of Government have been eroded by
Conservative Corporate Capitalism?s rush to Power.

Now it is time to Reestablish Democracy and Restore the Constitution!  We
Demand Our Inalienable Rights of Life, Liberty and The Pursuit of
Happiness!  Unelected Presidents and Politicians who are Bought and Sold
by Corporate Conservatives Do Not Represent a Government Of, For and By
the People!

People of America Awake and take back what is Yours!  Fear and Hatred are
the Bonds by which the Traitors Bind you to Lives of Slavery.  Have the
Courage to be Free!  Have the Courage to be Americans!

6. Deidre Hoguet: Visual Glossary

Around 16 Beaver St. -- Sun. Apr.27 2003

I?m doing a project involving drawing and language in several cities.  I
will begin the New York version during Operation How, Now, Wow.Project
description below

Visual Glossary

I will do a series of drawings of various sights/scenes/landmarks
throughout the city. While working on location, I will invite passersby to
write words in their languages for the objects in the newly created
images.  The drawings themselves will serve as a site of
translation/cross-reference for the cityâ??s numerous languages.  They
will also show the languages spoken in or near that particular area of the
city. Eventually all the drawings will be bound into a book/glossary and I
will make reproductions to leave copies in the places where I did the
drawings. Anyone can pick one up and learn the word for tree (for example)
in 5 different languages that are local to that neighborhood.  This action
will be repeated in several cities.

3. The Visual Glossary drawing project will be taking place at various
sites/sights throughout New York City beginning April 26th.  Some
locations I will be working at during the weekend of April 26-27 are
Battery Park in Lower Manhattan and Columbus Park in Chinatown.  Another
Visual Glossary will be created in Ljubljana, Slovenia in Sept 2003.
Other cities may follow.

7. Ay-Cr-Fr-Re: Staten Island Ferry Action

At 3:00pm Sunday,
people are invited to meet at 16Beaver, from there we will take a field
trip on the Staten Island Ferry to take part in a performance that will be
hard to every forget.

Part Play, Part Performance, Part Chorus from a Greek Play

8. "Art During Wartime Exhibition"21 Mercer, 3rd fl

Art During Wartime
April 26-May, 3 2003
Opening reception Saturday, April 26 8:00 - 10:00 PM
IT Space, 21 Mercer St, 3rd Fl (Between Canal & Broom in New York)

"Art During Wartime" is an impassioned and rapid gathering of artists,
eager to reflect on and change this moment in history.  It is an un-curated
collective coming together with each artist taking responsibility for
bringing work that speaks to the times.

This exhibit is being mounted as part of "Operation How, Now, Wow" A
Festival of Dissent. http://www.operationhow.org Between April 25-27 the Festival will be taking place in numerous cities
and places. In each location, artists and other cultural workers are
organizing events, activities, actions that address, consider and contest
the ongoing "war on terror," attacks on civil liberties and human rights
violations at home and abroad.

The growing list of artists exhibiting includes:
David Adamo, Carole Ashley, Perry Bard, Beckett Bowes
Donna Cameron, Jim Costanzo, Emilio Cruz, Sheila Levrant de Bretteville
Donelle Estey, Johan Grimonprez, Nadja Groux, Guerilla Girls, Rebecca Hackerman
Anitra Haendel, Robin Holder, Pamela Hovland, Jerry Kerns, Joyce Kozloff
Marc Lepson, Robyn Love, Tereza Mazur, Matt McGuinness
Arnold Mesches, Ann Messner, Calos Motta, Jenny Polak
Mikhaela Reid, Dread Scott, Peter Scott, Jessica Segall, Greg Sholette
Jose Urbach, Kevin Walz, Barbara Weissberger

Please come and join us at the opening reception, Saturday April 26,
Hours after opening:   Monday - Friday 12 -6, Sat May 3, 12-4

PLEASE FORWARD this e-mail.  Spread the word.

Dread Scott:  e: dreadscott@mindspring.com , p: (718)791-5401 in evenings.
Marc Lepson: e: pauperprints@earthlink.net , p:(917)623-0772

9. Stop Deportation NOW! --  Union Square

Families facing deportation unite, remember our loved
ones who have been deported, and say?

Stop Deportation NOW!

Saturday, April 26, 2003
1 p.m. @ Union Square
(14th Street & Broadway)
Directions: take 4, 5, 6, N, R, Q, W, L to 14th Street

On April 24, 1996 Congress passed the Anti Terrorism
and Effective Death Penalty Act.  Since that day, the
government has been waging a war against ALL immigrant
communities. The weapons: Detention and Deportation.
Since 1996 the government has deported over 1 million
people! The victims come from all walks of life, and
all nations.

3,024    Chinese            10,804    Jamaicans
11,486    Colombians    1,148    Koreans
17,707    Dominicans    717,763    Mexicans
2,621    Filipinos     2,524    Nigerians
22,542    Guatemalans    1,841    Pakistanis
2,711    Haitians    23,983    Salvadorians
24,079    Hondurans    1,715    Trinidadians
1,975    Indians       

Stop Locking Up Immigrants!
Stop Destroying Families!
Stop Homeland INSecurity!!!

Sponsored by Families for Freedom
for more information, contact Subhash (347-524-3374,
Aarti (212-898-4121,

6. Web Based Projects

a. Web -- c.cred / O. Stahl

that which cuts, it cuts across and unfolds


What we set out to do is to construct a cartographical archive of London ?
gradually, as a process initiated during the four days of the festival ?
based on an engagement with the concept and rhetoric of terrorism and the
mode in which it operates, within a specific locality as well as on a
global scale ? that is, through an event, a cut, or the threat or
likelihood of an event or cut taking place, then spreading outwards in its
effects, unfolding in paranoia, paralysis, social neurosis,
micro-fascisms; laying bare and intensifying the sense of social and
political conflict from which the very possibility of the event or cut
itself originates. Basically, then, it will be an engagement with
terrorism as something essentially productive; productive of a certain
sense of politics, sociality, territory, environment, subjectivity and so
forth, all of which can perhaps be mapped out as a kind of cartography
that takes into account both the proto-fascist rhetoric of the ?war
against terrorism? and the ?axis of evil?, notions of citizenship,
security and paranoia, and a more affirmative ethical stance that in the
face of this conflict and the adjoining sense of social paralysis, never
ceases to be a viable option.

This cartography will be staged within two frames/structures set up during
the festival: firstly,  a working environment, as the collection of
material, drawings, projection pieces, series of photographs and videos;
secondly, a monument environment, as a set of structures and a series of
posters put up in public places around London.

The working process will be documented on a continuous basis through the
days of the festival and made available on the net (www.ccred.org/cuts) as
a series of cartographies, an archive and a set of photographs/graphics.
ola / [c.cred]

b. Sara Reisman -- web

My contribution won't be in event form, it will be an update to the web site
for Who's Next? What's Next? http://www.geocities.com/whosnextwhatsnext
with information about what became of the INS's registration policies once
the agency was folded into the Department of Homeland Security.

c. François Bucher -- web

 2 Projects

This project will utilize the relatively new medium of streaming as its main
tool, focusing on thinking the potentiality of the new « tele-vision » which
is available now and ready to be set to task. The project will be
constructed out of the interaction of different unscripted perspectives that
will come into contact with each other in a frame where they can create new
short circuits of meaning. Its underlying foundation is a notion of
resistance to the discourse of the Media, through the direct participation
of multiple voices.

1) Streaming Timeline

A procedure will be set in place whereby a video archive or video log (vlog)
will be generated. The contributor will be given a set of instructions by
which they can stream live and then upload a maximum length of 3 minutes of
video to a streaming server. The video will then be compressed and will
automatically fall into place in a graphic timeline organized by way of a
grid of days and hours. The clips will subsequently come into proximity with
each other in the grid creating a sort of spontaneous edit by way of their
position in the grid.

There will be initially two sections of the video log.  One by invitation
and another one as an ?open thread.?

First Section:  

A group of artists working with video will be invited to contribute
regularly.  Their individual postings will be identifiable so that the
visitor may follow each person?s trail of images through time. A space for
comments that editorialize each video posting will be provided next to each
one of them. The postings may be raw footage from the news, original footage
of the artist or short pieces that have previously been edited.

Second Section

This will be the open thread part of the process. It will have the same
structure as the first one but will be left open for anyone to participate.
This section will be most effective, for example, after a day of protests by
channeling all the footage from a demonstration to a single space of
visibility. The shots from random cameras in a crowd can come to exist in a
place where they will establish dialogues with each other. In this case as
many people with a camcorder as possible will be sought out and given a set
of instructions by which they can post their video.

Both procedures will be eventually followed by a second stage of the process
where source material footage from the webpage will be cut and edited
together and then broadcast in an expanded context, i.e. television or local

2) Television (an address)

A group or a single guest will be invited to sit in front of a television
holding a live microphone in one hand and a remote control to shift through
the News Channels in the other.  What appears on the TV monitor will be
streamed alongside the voice of the guest(s) who will be addressing the news
that they are watching live.

The live stream will be announced via email to targeted audiences.   People
will receive an email with an attached icon and a date and time. It will
also contain short biographies or information about the week?s guest(s).
Recipients of the email will be invited to drag the icon to their desktop
and click on it at a particular time.  Once they click they will receive a
live stream of the news with a live comment from the guest(s). An archive
will be created and a video will be edited from the most significant moments
of each session.  

(next scheduled session is Sunday night at 9:00pm)

d. Do Not Bomb Iraq Stickers project -- web

1. Do Not Bomb Iraq -- donotbombiraq@yahoo.com

2. Subliminal Subway Sticker Back side of sticker: If you're feelin' it:
These stickers are sized to fit over the stickers found on NYC subway
train doors. The sticker is sized to cover the words "Do not lean on
doors" or "Do not hold doors" on NYC subway train doors. need more

BE CAUTIOUS!-of MTA officers, NYPD and authority in general-of folks who
might not like the sticker or its placement in public view-of the litter
this sticker creates, please dispose of properly Distribution and Display
of ?Do not bomb Iraq? stickers.  To build some links we are placing the
?Do not bomb Iraq? stickers with stickers such as:   Do not hire cops, Do
not deport families, Do not bomb 3rd world, Do not bomb Syria, Do not
build prisons, Do not colonize Iraq, Do not cut health, Do not trust TV,
Do not wage wars, Do not fire teachers 3.  Sticker designed in October,
2002.  Printing, distribution and display on and off since October 2002.
 We have displayed about 3000 since October 2002.  We pool our monies
together, print, put up, pool monies, print, put up and then pool our
monies print and put up, etc.

4. The design is printed on 8.5 by 11 inch mailing label stickyness paper
(Avery is a popular brand, but cheaper can be found) and then cut.  Would
love to send the design ( msPublisher File .pub) out to folks or get folks
stacks of stickers to distribute or display.

Can do if you email us at donotbombiraq@yahoo.com


7. Key Locations
in the city include:

--16Beaver (forum, events, screenings, party)
16Beaver Street, 5th Fl. (between Broadway & Broad)
--Financial District near 16Beaver: Site of Public Projects
56 Walker Street, 1st Fl. (between Broadway & Church)
21 Mercer St, 3rd Fl. (between Canal & Broom)

Thanks to Craig Buckley, Sofia Hernandez, Anna Aloisia Moser, Mubbashir
Abbas Rizvi, Stephen Duncombe,  Nina Felshin, C. Clark Kissinger, Marth
Rosler, Reverend Billy, our Filmmakers Anand Patwardhan, Johan Grimonprez,
Jayce Salloum.

A Special Thanks to Greg Sholette, Dread Scott, Alex Khalil, the folks at
Walker Stage & of course to all the participating artists who put therir
time and energies into engaging with the themes of this festival and
making this event happen.

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