Different modes to Participate

Mode One: you would like to plan your own event?

protest and dissent can manifest in many ways, we encourage people to take some time (3 minutes, 3 hours, 3 days, 3 weeks, 3years, 3 decades, etc...) and  focus on voicing, evoking, communicating, elaborating, directing dissent in a creative manner, using creative strategies, cultural strategies. these activities are not meant to take away from the protests we have all been participating in, instead they are meant to extend the existing vocabulary and the possibilities.

Forums, Public Art works, Performances, Temporary Exhibitions, Screenings, Panels, Discussions, Town Hall Meetings, Radio Broadcasts, Recordings, Games, Web based projects, Virtual Sit-ins, Workshops, Posters, Stickers, Billboards, Creative Protests

Mode Two: you already have an event planned?

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Mode Three: you do not know yet, you need more inspiration/examples?

take some time to think about it. you can invite your friends and have some tea and talk about the issues involved in how you want to express dissent in relation to the current politics. or borrow a video, a CD, a book that can be an inspiration and a beginning to posing certain questions. or go to some of the links we are providing and see how others are voicing their dissent. you can also contact us and/or join the different groups.

once you know what you would like to do, click here.

Additional modes:

In addition to creating or organizing projects, you can also do the following:

a. Outreach -- If you know other individuals or groups who may be interested, tell them about it. Part of this project is to further build our networks, and work more together/separately.

b. Link --
Let us know of other events or links that may be related so that we can add it to our calendar.

About time:

We ask that these actions take place or are initiated within the period between Friday, April 25, Saturday, April 26, and Sunday, April 27.

Also the time frame in which the festival came together was less than three weeks. We see the time as a major factor in acting in time, on time, with good timing, in more urgent times.  

We also see the festival as a beginning not an end in itself. And that we organize more together and these activities spread like a virus.

(for more thoughts on the contagion of peace, please visit Reverend Billy's website)

To Participate
Every event is free, this is an occassion for you to attend, participate, and meet interesting people

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Read the
Operation How,
Now, Wow Manifesto

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