Festival Participants Thus Far Include:
Ayreen Anastas
Tal Adler
Perry Bard
Francois Bucher
Craig Buckley
Culture & Conflict Group
Paul Chan
Jim Costanzo
Mairtin Crawford
Andrew Demirjian
Anita Di Bianco
Stephen Duncombe
Nina Felshin
Rene Gabri
Meir Gal
Johan Grimonprez
Nadja Groux
Alia Hasan-Khan
Sophia Hernandez
Robbie & Mark Herbst
Deidre Hoguet
Isabelle Jenniches
Susan Kelly
C. Clark Kissinger
Peter Lasch
Lasse Lau
James Leadbitter
Tanya Leighton
Mark Lepson
Raimundas Malasauskas
Erin McGonigle
Conor McGrady
Yates McKee
John Menick
Steven Morton
Ulrike Muller
Angel Nevarez
Kevin Noble
Trevor Paglen
Anand Patwardhan
Jacob Robinette
Michael Rakowitz
Red76 Art Group
Sarah Reisman
Mubbashir Abbas Rizvi
Daniel Romano
Martha Rosler
Paige Sarlin
Jayce Salloum
Saskia Sassen
Dread Scott
Greg Sholette
Ania Soliman
Ola Stahl
Istvan Szilasi
Bill Talen, AKA Reverend Billy
Ange Taggart
Valerie Tevere
Annie Varnot
Daniel Vatsky

To Participate
Every event is free, this is an occassion for you to attend, participate, and meet interesting people

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